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Leaked emails reveal Clinton accused Saudi and Qatar of supporting ISIS

By:  Nike Ching Source: VOA News STATE DEPARTMENT – Foreign policy experts and analysts say they are perplexed by a hacked email in which Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to accuse the Saudi and Qatari governments of providing logistical and financial support to ISIS extremists. The accusation is one among thousands of messages that were stolen from the personal email of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and released on the Wikileaks website. The lengthy message is dated Aug. 17, 2014, and comes from the email address “” It begins with a note saying “Sources include Western...

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Temporary calm in Aleppo

  By: Cecily Hilleary Source: VOA News Seven-year-old Bana Al Alabed tweeted that the city of Aleppo was quiet Tuesday in the wake of overnight bombing by Syrian and Russian forces. The lull in airstrikes gave her the chance to step outdoors and enjoy some early autumn rain. With the help of her mother, a teacher, Bana began tweeting about the hardships of life in Aleppo in late September, earning thousands of followers across the globe. But the lull in fighting came too late for other children in the city. According to Syrian civil defense, eight children, all members of a single family, were killed when their home was targeted by an airstrike on Monday. The Syrian Observatory for...

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A general view taken with a drone shows damaged buildings and a mosque in the old city of Aleppo, Syria. REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail

Aleppo: rebels outgunned but confident

By: Tom Perry and Ellen Francis Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage BEIRUT (Reuters) – A senior rebel commander said on Friday that Syrian government forces would never be able to capture Aleppo’s opposition-held east, more than three weeks into a ferocious offensive, but a military source said the operation was going as planned. Russian air strikes were proving of little help to government ground forces in urban warfare, the deputy commander of the Fastaqim rebel group in Aleppo said. While air strikes have pounded much of the city, they have avoided frontlines where the sides are fighting in close proximity, apparently out of fear they could hit the wrong side, he said. The...

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