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Speedo launches ‘burkini’ beachwear for Muslim women

By: Melissa Yeo, Parramatta Advertiser Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia) IF YOU’VE ever gone swimsuit shopping and struggled to find the right fit — save a thought for Anisa Buckley. A keen squad swimmer as a young teen, she was turned away from the sport when she couldn’t find the right swimwear. “Once I hit 14 I had to start making do with swimming clothes,” she said. “I would wear light weight long pants and long sleeve cotton shirts because there was nothing readily available. “A lot of pools had policies about wearing clothes at the time so it made it hard for people who wanted to train and wear modest clothes.” In recent years she has rekindled her love for swimming with a group of...

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Hijab: a view from the inside

By: Nakata Khaula Source: Al Balagh When I returned to Islam, the religion of our inborn nature, a fierce debate raged about girls observing the hijab at schools in France. It still does. The majority, it seemed, thought that wearing the head-scarf was contrary to the principle that public – that is state-funded – schools should be neutral with regard to religion. Even as a non-Muslim, I could not understand why there was such a fuss over such a small thing as a scarf on a Muslim student’ s head. Muslims contributed a proportionate amount of tax to the state funds. In my opinion, schools could respect religious beliefs and practices of students as long as they did not...

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China bans dozens of Islamic names as ‘extreme’

By: Xin Lin, translated and edited by Luisetta Mudie Source: RFA Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang have banned dozens of baby names with religious meanings that are widely used by Muslims elsewhere in the world, RFA has learned. Sources in Hotan, in the southern part of the region, had previously detailed a list of banned names in 2015, but the ban now appears to have been rolled out region-wide. Islam, Quran, Mecca, Jihad, Imam, Saddam, Hajj, and Medina are among dozens of baby names banned under ruling Chinese Communist Party’s “Naming Rules For Ethnic Minorities,” an official confirmed on Thursday. An employee who answered the phone at a police...

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