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Study: Instagram, Snapchat worst social media for mental health

By: RT Source: RT Young people experience increased rates of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and poor sleep because of popular social media platforms, according to a new UK study. Instagram and Snapchat can be particularly damaging, the study says. Social media are “more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes,” according to the report published on Friday by the independent health education charity Royal Society for Public Health and its Young Health Movement. Ninety-one percent of youngsters use online social networks, and it can negatively affect their lives, according to the group’s findings. The they quizzed almost 1,500 youngsters, aged from 14 to 24. The researchers say those...

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Dubai opens first solar powered gas station

By: Gulf News Source: Gulf News DUBAI: When you’re in the business of selling petrol, why use solar power at all? A Dubai oil retailer has no problems doing so. On Wednesday, Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc) has opened the country’s first solar-powered petrol station. The newly-opened service station on Shaikh Zayed Road near the twin Internet-Media City is covered with solar panels that can generate up to 120 kilowatt hours. Enoc, a government-owned oil retailer, claims the capacity is about 30 percent more energy than the station needs, so the excess power is directed back into the city’s power grid. The UAE, the fourth-biggest oil producer among Opec members, has made a...

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Google, social media, and Allah’s pleasure

By: Haqqseeker Source: Muslimvillage While ‘Google’, the American multinational web search engine specialising in Internet-related services and products continues to gain prominence and influence let us examine how it has affected our daily lives. We have to admit that it has made a tremendous impact on our daily lives. For every problem that we encounter, be it an economical, social or health related one, for any reference that we want to make, every time we want to access the international news media for current news or go to the social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc or to open the video-sharing website like YouTube – and for umpteen other reasons – the first button our...

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