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The etiquette of the mosque

By: Moulana Muhammad bin Haroon Source: The illustrious Tabi’ee; Sa’eed ibnul Musayyab (rahimahullah) said: One who is seated in the Masjid, is actually seated in the company of Allah Ta’ala. (Tafsir Qurtubi, vol.6 pg.560) The renowned Mufassir (commentator of Quran) Imam Abu ‘Abdillah Al-Qurtubi (rahimahullah) has listed the following etiquettes of the Masjid: DO’S in Masjid: 1.1. Upon entering the Masjid, one should greet the people with Salam. (This only applies when those present are not offering salah, or reciting Quran. If they are occupied in the above, one should not greet them) 1.2. If there is no one present, one should say: Assalamu’alaina wa’ala ‘ibadillahis...

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Etiquette with the Quran

By: Imam Muhammad ibn Ahmad Qurtubi Source: In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. By Him we seek Assistance. It is unlawful (haraam) for someone not in the state of wudu to carry a Qur’an, even by a trap or in a box , or touch it, whether its writing, the spaces between its lines, its margins, binding, the carrying strap attached to it, or the bag or box it is in. The opinion expressed in Fiqh al-Sunnah that it is permissible to touch the Qur’an without ritual purity is a deviant (shadh) view contrary to all four schools of jurisprudence (fiqh) that is Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali and is impermissible to teach (except to teach that it is...

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The benefits of Sura Yasin

By: Salman Yunus Source: SeekersHub There are many benefits and rewards related to the recitation of Surah Yasin. Benefits of Reciting the Qur’an Firstly, the mere fact that the recitation of Surah Yasin is recitation of the Qur’an makes applicable all the texts that relate to the benefits and rewards of the Qur’an to the recitation of Surah Yasin. Among these benefits are: a. The saying of Allah Most High, “Truly, it is through the remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest.” (13:28) It is through the recitation of the Qur’an that hearts come to rest and find intimiacy with their Creator. b. The saying of Allah Most High, “He is the one who revealed unto his servant plain and clear verses...

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