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18 pearls of wisdom from Caliph Umar

By: Muhammad bin Haroon Source: Al Miftah In the following report, Sayyiduna ‘Umar (Allah be pleased with him) has offered sterling guidelines on interaction with fellow humans. Lets read them carefully with the intention of implementing. The famous Tabi’i (i.e. student of the companions); Sayyiduna Sa’id ibn Musayyab (Allah grant him mercy) reports that Sayyiduna ‘Umar (Allah be pleased with him) laid eighteen guidelines for the people, each one filled with wisdom: When someone disobeys Allah in matters that impacts on you, you can retaliate in no better way than obeying Allah in matters that impact on him. Always assume the best about your brother unless you learn something about him...

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Three important duties parents have to children

By: (with minor edits for style and clarity) Source: All the Prophets, including the final and greatest of them – the holy Prophet Muhammad (Allah’s peace be upon him), have stressed that the brief earthly sojourn of a man is a prelude to the everlasting life of hereafter. It, therefore, follows that greater priority is given to the betterment of prospects in the life to come and attainment of felicity in the hereafter than to the affairs and interests of this life. The holy Prophet (Allah’s peace be upon him) thus has enjoined upon the parents to take care of the religious instruction of their children from the very beginning, otherwise they will be called to...

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The power of patience

By: Hamza Saleem Source: Tests, trials, tribulations and calamities are all a part of life, but it is our status as believers and our relationship with the divine reality that will determine how we deal with them. Different calamities bring about different reactions from different people. For some, it causes them to detach themselves from Islām and they turn away from Allāh, but a select few with humility and īmān find a sense of comfort. This calm and collected reaction should be celebrated amidst the roar of complaining many people dish out about their tasks and endeavours, for the affliction of calamities is a certainty of life. Allāh said in the Qur’ān: Do they not see...

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