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Malaysia: Government religious body clarifies “Pretzel dogs” renaming controversy

  By: KAMLES KUMAR Source: The Malaysian Online MV Editor’s Note: Some MuslimVillage users complained via our Facebook page concerning the accuracy of this BBC piece that we had initially republished on this issue. Upon review we concluded that there may have been some minor inaccuracies, resulting from confusion after some apparently sweeping initial statements by a Malaysian official that needed to be subsequently corrected (those who speak Malay may check this video). The inaccuracies are not significant enough to be described as a lies or misrepresentations and do not significantly affect the substance of the story. Nevertheless for the sake of integrity and to reflect...

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A Muslim visitor takes food from a platter for her breakfast at the Al Meroz hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, August 29, 2016. REUTERS/Chaiwat Subprasom

Taipei woos Muslim tourists

By: Source: TAIPEI, Oct 13 — Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is going all out to tap on the burgeoning Muslim tourism market that represented 117 million travellers or 10 per cent of the travellers worldwide in 2015. The MasterCard-Crescent Rating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2016 ranked Taiwan as the seventh-most popular non-Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) destination for the Muslim tourists market. As Muslim travellers have special needs, host Taiwan is doing its best to win them over. Hence, it’s not surprising that the number of halal restaurants and hotel will increase to 36 by the end-2016 from 29 in the first half of the...

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See how these people in the UK respond to a “homeless” Muslim

By: Narjas Zatat Source: The Independent (Blog) A woman had her hijab pulled down in what has been described as a racially motivated attack last week. The unnamed Muslim woman was walking along High Road in Tottenham when the incident occurred, and the police are appealing for witnesses. Following the Brexit vote, Tell Mama, a national project which records anti-Muslim incidents in the UK, reported a 326 per cent rise in Islamophobia. YouTuber Hstar Vlogs, whose real name Hassan Saleemi recently took to the streets of London and conducted a social experiment. Wearing a thawb – a religious item of clothing worn by Muslim men – he sat on the pavement and held out a sign reading: I am...

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