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Europe seems intent on making Islamophobia law

By: Sofia Ahmed Source: The Independent Islam and Muslims are no longer welcome in Europe. If that message wasn’t already clear to most people it has been set in to law this week by EU judges. The decision by the European Court of Justice to allow employers to ban staff from wearing the headscarf seems certain to only further marginalise and push Muslim women out of public life. What with France’s ban on the niqab in 2010, and countries such as Germany wanting to follow suit, the trend of enshrining Islamophobia into law is becoming increasingly common. Proponents of such policies deceptively tell the public these decisions will emancipate Muslim women from the proposed shackles of Islam....

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From haute hijabs to modest kickboxing: Will marketing empower Muslim women?

By: Rafia Zakaria Source: Al Jazeera Three weeks ago it was running shoes. Nike, the shoe manufacturer whose logo is a fixture in the global consumer imagination, released an online advertisement that features a woman in a headscarf running through the old neighbourhoods of Dubai. Sweaty female boxers and fencers follow until the adrenaline-infused montage wraps up with the hopeful – if cliched – image of a little girl. Where advertisers lead, magazines follow, and a week after the Nike commercial, the soon-to-be-launched Vogue Arabia released its cover image. Featuring the model Gigi Hadid, made-up face partially obscured by a heavily embroidered face veil, it was touted by...

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Sakinah and Shekinah: spiritual tranquility in Judaism and Islam

By: Rabbi Maller Source: MuslimVillage The word Sakinah (Arabic)/Shekinah (Hebrew) is a very important concept in both Islamic and Jewish thought. In Islamic thought, it refers to the tranquility, serenity and peace of mind that results when a believer becomes totally aware of God’s near by presence. Although Sakinah dwells in the heart of one who is already a sensitive and faithful believer; it now comes to him or her directly from God’s close presence and personal interest; to confirm and strengthen that believer’s faith. As the Qur’an says “It is God who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the believers, that they would increase in faith along with their...

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