In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate


Google, social media, and Allah’s pleasure

By: Haqqseeker Source: Muslimvillage While ‘Google’, the American multinational web search engine specialising in Internet-related services and products continues to gain prominence and influence let us examine how it has affected our daily lives. We have to admit that it has made a tremendous impact on our daily lives. For every problem that we encounter, be it an economical, social or health related one, for any reference that we want to make, every time we want to access the international news media for current news or go to the social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc or to open the video-sharing website like YouTube – and for umpteen other reasons – the first button our...

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Children’s upbringing: getting it right

  By: Haqqseeker Source: A mother is the most favourably positioned person who can direct and determine the role and character of her children. Speaking about her role of responsibility as the guide and overseer of her children, our Nabi (Sallallāhu ‘Alayhi Wasallam) said: “And, the woman is the Shepherdess of the home of her husband and of his children. All of you will be questioned about their flock”. Many famous men of Islām attained wilāyat (sainthood) at the hands of their mothers. As a result of the sublime maternal efforts expended in the moral and spiritual training of children, they attained the lofty ranks of spiritual elevation. The religious...

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Sharjah’s Ramadan cannons – a window to the past

By: Afkar Abdullah Source: Khaleej Times The Sharjah Police have placed nine cannons in different parts of Sharjah that are fired at Iftar time. As is the tradition, the police will fire the cannons to notify Muslims it is time to open their fast. Brigadier Said Al Zeri, Sharjah Police chief, said the police have been carrying on with the tradition for the past several years as part of their social commitment to upholding traditional Arab values. Brig Al Zeri said that two shots are fired to mark the beginning of the holy month, and a single shot is fired throughout the month to announce Iftar time. The cannons The cannons have been installed in Al Jerain, Al Nour Mosque in Al Majaz,...

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