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What’s in store for Mosul after ISIS?

By: Jamie Dettmer Source: VOA News The battle for Mosul has been bloody and slow — for Iraqi soldiers and civilians alike. Since Iraqi forces launched an assault to retake the city, ISIS’s last major urban stronghold in the country, last October, Iraqi troops have had to endure rockets and mortars, suicide-bombings and sniper fire, as well as unconventional small drone attacks. With Iraqi forces now focused on the western half of the city after a months-long slog to secure east Mosul, questions about what will happen to the city after ISIS fighters have finally been ousted are becoming more urgent. Added to the concerns about how Mosul will be governed, and how sectarian groups can be...

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Saudi Arabia and Israel agree on need to contain Iran

By: John Irish and Andrea Shalal Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage MUNICH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia and Israel both called on Sunday for a new push against Iran, signaling a growing alignment in their interests, while U.S. lawmakers promised to seek new sanctions on the Shi’ite Muslim power. Turkey also joined the de facto united front against Tehran as Saudi and Israeli ministers rejected an appeal from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif for Sunni Gulf Arab states to work with Tehran to reduce violence across the region. While Saudi Arabia remains historically at odds with Israel, their ministers demanded at the Munich Security Conference that Tehran be punished for...

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UN: hundreds of thousands of Somali children threatened by malnutrition

By: VOA News Strong: VOA News The U.N. is warning that hundreds of thousands of Somali children will be malnourished this year, including 185,000 who will be in need of urgent lifesaving support. To avert a major humanitarian disaster, the U.N. is calling for “scaled up” humanitarian assistance for the country. The worst hit regions in Somalia are Bay and Bakool in the south followed by Sool and Sanaag in the north, according to humanitarian workers. The situation in those areas is said to be “pre-famine.” UNICEF country representative Steven Lauwerier just visited hard hit areas and said he saw hundreds of carcasses of dead animals. He said in the Bay region people have lost nearly 90...

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