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Five rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel, prompting Israeli tanks to respond by firing on Hamas military posts early Sunday, hours after a massive Palestinian protest along the border between Israel and Gaza herunterladen.

The rocket attack and Israeli response did not cause any casualties, according to the Israeli army and witnesses in Gaza.

The Israeli tanks fired at Hamas posts in the central Gaza Strip and east of Gaza City, witnesses said spiele vollversionen kostenlos downloaden.

Tens of thousands of Gazans earlier gathered at the Israeli border to mark a year since protests and clashes erupted there, but fears of mass bloodshed were averted after late Egyptian-led negotiations sendungen von orf tvthek herunterladen.

Four Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire, one during a demonstration ahead of the main rally and three 17-year-olds in clashes later Saturday, the health ministry in Gaza City said herunterladen. Another 316 Gazans were wounded.

But fears of a repeat of similar protests and clashes to those that saw more than 60 Palestinians killed on May 14, when the United States transferred its Israel embassy to Jerusalem, did not materialise schriftarten für mac herunterladen.

Israel deployed several thousand troops along the border, with the anniversary coming at a sensitive time ahead of its April 9 elections.

Egypt tried to mediate between Israel and Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas to rein in violence herunterladen.

Hamas officials say an understanding was reached that would see Israel ease its crippling blockade of Gaza in exchange for the protests remaining calm download older pages version.

Tens of thousands gathered at five protest points along the frontier but the vast majority stayed away from the border fence.

East of Gaza City, small groups of young men approached the fence and sought to break it multiple times but were forced back by Israeli tear gas and live fire youtube videos ohne werbung herunterladen.

The protesters threw stones at the Israeli soldiers.

An Egyptian security delegation visited the protest site east of Gaza City, as did Hamas leaders Ismail Haniya and Yahya Sinwar wii backup manager.

Israel’s army said around 40,000 “rioters and demonstrators” had gathered in spots throughout the border.

It said grenades and explosive devices were hurled at troops, who responded “in accordance with standard operating procedures” amazon prime on pc.

Negotiated calm

Protesters were marking the first anniversary of often violent weekly demonstrations in which around 200 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier have been killed.

At least 50 Palestinian children have been killed in Gaza since the protests began, charity Save the Children said.

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