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UN: Millions in the Middle East unsure of their next meal

By: PanARMENIAN.Net Source: PanARMENIAN.Net The devastating conflicts gripping the Middle East and North Africa have left 30 million people unsure of their next meal, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said, according to AFP. “Food security and nutrition levels in the Near East and North Africa have sharply deteriorated over the last five years,” the agency said in a report released Monday, March 27. “The prevalence of severe food insecurity in the adult population… was close to 9.5 percent in 2014-2015, representing approximately 30 million people,” it said. “Countries such as Iraq, Sudan, Syria and Yemen have rates that are among the highest in...

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With all eyes on London US admits killing 200 civilians in Mosul air strike

By: Rachael Revesz Source: The Independent Amid the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the UK’s Parliament, which killed four people including a police officer, another mass casualty further afield has been buried in the headlines. Over the weekend the US Pentagon has admitted to another air strike in Mosul, which is believed to have killed more than 200 civilians including women and children. It has been described as a “humanitarian disaster” by Iraqi Vice President Osama Nujaifi, and United Nations officials said they were “profoundly concerned” by the attack. The Pentagon released a statement, saying it had targeted Isis fighters and equipment “at the location corresponding to...

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Laptop ban hits Dubai on spring break weekend

By: PanARMENIAN.Net Source: PanARMENIAN.Net Dubai International Airport and its flag carrier Emirates began implementing a ban on laptops and tablets on direct flights to the US Saturday, March 25, on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, AFP reports. Around 1.1 million people are expected to pass through the world’s busiest international airport as the city marks UAE spring break, Dubai Airports said. An estimated 260,000 travellers were expected to pass through each day from Friday through Monday. Dubai International Airport expects 89 million passengers this year. The United States announced a ban on all electronics larger than a standard smartphone on board direct...

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