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Pakistan: 8 dead, 20 injured in Lahore terror attack

By: RFE/RL Source: RFE/RL A bomb explosion in the Pakistani city of Lahore has left at least eight people dead and about 20 injured, officials say. The February 23 blast struck an upscale shopping district, a spokesman for the Punjab provincial police said. Police said the area had been sealed off and the cause of the explosion, which appeared to target a popular restaurant, was under investigation. There were reports of a second explosion, but police said that turned out to be a false alarm. The explosion came one day after authorities announced a national antiterrorism alert after the country was rocked by a spate of attacks that left more than 130 people dead. On February 16, a militant...

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What’s in store for Mosul after ISIS?

By: Jamie Dettmer Source: VOA News The battle for Mosul has been bloody and slow — for Iraqi soldiers and civilians alike. Since Iraqi forces launched an assault to retake the city, ISIS’s last major urban stronghold in the country, last October, Iraqi troops have had to endure rockets and mortars, suicide-bombings and sniper fire, as well as unconventional small drone attacks. With Iraqi forces now focused on the western half of the city after a months-long slog to secure east Mosul, questions about what will happen to the city after ISIS fighters have finally been ousted are becoming more urgent. Added to the concerns about how Mosul will be governed, and how sectarian groups can be...

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UN: Famine threatens nearly 1.4 million children

By: Tom Miles Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage GENEVA (Reuters) – Nearly 1.4 million children are at “imminent risk” of death in famines in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, the U.N. children’s agency UNICEF said on Tuesday. People are already starving to death in all four countries, and the World Food Programme says more than 20 million lives are at risk in the next six months. “Time is running out for more than a million children,” UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake said in statement. “We can still save many lives. The severe malnutrition and looming famine are largely man-made. Our common humanity demands faster action. We must not...

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