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Fashion blogger launches hijabs for all skin tones

  By: Sarah Young Source: The Independent A Muslim blogger has designed a line of inclusive hijabs in an attempt to break the trend for lighter skinned model casting. According to the Fashion Week Diversity Report, the Spring Summer 2017 shows were some of the most diverse yet with more than 25.4 per cent of the models being non-white, but many – including Habiba Da Silva – believe more should be done. She is upping the ante with her new line of hijabs, saying she wanted to create clothing for people from all different backgrounds. She wrote: “[This] was inspired by many things. Firstly for my passion for cultures and traditions, secondly to break up the trend of having...

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Indonesia seeks dominance in global Halal market

By: Jakarta Globe Source: Jakarta Globe Jakarta – As a country with the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia is also a huge market for halal products. “Many international companies have already observed this fact and have been marketing their products in our country,” former deputy minister for tourism Sapta Nirwandar said on Friday (07/10). Indonesia’s own halal products have also been increasingly popular. “As we can see, Indonesia’s halal foods, shariah banking and Islamic fashion industry have grown rapidly in the last five to six years. This shows a great [market] potential. We should all join together, support one another and grow the...

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“We’re taking over” Turkey’s Islamic fashion revolution

By: TIM ARANGO Source: The New York Times ISTANBUL — The models, tall and lithe and strutting down the runway to the beat of Moroccan-themed house music, are from Russia and Eastern Europe. They could be displaying the latest designer styles in Paris or New York, but instead they are here, in Istanbul, wearing high heels, flowing tunics and colorful head scarves. The fashion show, part of Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, was held at an Ottoman-era railway station, with old-fashioned train cars and vintage luggage as props. This is not the Islamic fashion of Riyadh or Kabul, nor is it the dark and dreary dress stereotyped in the West. Islamic fashion here is a colorful, creative and joyful...

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