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The struggle for the soul of the hijab

By: Shazia Ahmad Source: Al-Madina Institute Hijab1 is a frequently discussed topic in our community and a practice dissected and opined over from many different angles. While it is talked about frequently, in many of the most important ways it is little understood. Our discourse on hijab is often devoid of any meaningful consideration of it as an act of devotion, which is its primary purpose. There is also little reflection on the foundational quality from which hijab emanates — haya’ (modesty). These are the heart and soul of hijab that we, individually and as a community, often overlook. The Inward and the Outward Islam teaches that at its core, hijab should be a spiritual act done...

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International basketball body lifts hijab ban

By: Hannah Abrams Source: Promo Marketing Magazine This week, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) lifted a uniform rule that prohibited players from wearing religious headwear on the basketball court, according to Vice. For Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, a point guard who played for Indiana State and the University of Memphis, this is huge news. She wanted to continue her basketball career in Europe, but could not play because she’s a Muslim woman in hijab, which would have violated FIBA’s uniform rule. In addition to Muslim women, the headwear ban also kept Sikh men in turbans and Jewish men in kippot from participating in professional leagues worldwide. But now, thanks to the efforts of...

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Why ‘modest fashion’ will disappoint more than elevate

By: Faisal Al Yafai Source: The National (UAE) Twice so far this year London has held a “modest fashion” week, most recently this month. Modest fashion is also known as Islamic fashion and takes inspiration from the more modest way devout Muslim women dress. Think covered hair, flowing lines and a riot of colour inspired by African, Asian and Arab heritage. That Islamic fashion has been rebranded as modest fashion is a recognition that its appeal transcends women of faith. In some circles, it is seen as revolutionary. Feminists think it will dismantle the patriarchy. Muslims think it will banish Islamophobia. And doomsayers think it will be the end of western secularism....

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