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US: Why a Pittsburgh charity is making little hijabs for dolls

By: The Irish News Source: The Irish News When Gisele Fetterman realised her five-year-old daughter didn’t have any dolls that looked like the mothers and grandmothers of so many of her Muslim friends, she decided to do something about it. And Hello Hijab was born – an inspiring initiative designing and creating hijabs which children can put on their dolls. The tiny handmade headscarves will be available to buy in the US for $6 from April 1 and it is the first project from For Good, a non-profit organisation which aims to help companies and individuals to do good in their local community. Explaining the inspiration behind Hello Hijab, Fetterman said: “I think little girls and little boys...

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From haute hijabs to modest kickboxing: Will marketing empower Muslim women?

By: Rafia Zakaria Source: Al Jazeera Three weeks ago it was running shoes. Nike, the shoe manufacturer whose logo is a fixture in the global consumer imagination, released an online advertisement that features a woman in a headscarf running through the old neighbourhoods of Dubai. Sweaty female boxers and fencers follow until the adrenaline-infused montage wraps up with the hopeful – if cliched – image of a little girl. Where advertisers lead, magazines follow, and a week after the Nike commercial, the soon-to-be-launched Vogue Arabia released its cover image. Featuring the model Gigi Hadid, made-up face partially obscured by a heavily embroidered face veil, it was touted by...

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Nike “Pro Hijab” sports line creates online splash

By: Afshan Ahmed Source: The National (UAE) For hijabi athletes, Nike just did it. The sports brand has ticked all the boxes for fitness enthusiasts by announcing its Nike Pro Hijab which will be available in 2018. As of Wednesday morning, amid the online buzz, the garment even launched its own Instagram account. A project that has been in the brand’s creative labs for over a year, the modest wear is a lightweight, breathable, adjustable garment that was unveiled as part of an ongoing campaign that puts a spotlight on Muslim women athletes. But as Nike jumps in to change the rules of the game by making modest sportwear commercial, and therefore more acceptable, it has sparked a healthy...

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