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“Digital Heroin”: How screens turn kids into “junkies”

By: Dr. Nicholas Kardaras Source: New York Post Susan* bought her 6-year-old son John an iPad when he was in first grade. “I thought, ‘Why not let him get a jump on things?’ ” she told me during a therapy session. John’s school had begun using the devices with younger and younger grades — and his technology teacher had raved about their educational benefits — so Susan wanted to do what was best for her sandy-haired boy who loved reading and playing baseball. She started letting John play different educational games on his iPad. Eventually, he discovered Minecraft, which the technology teacher assured her was “just like electronic Lego.” Remembering how much fun she had as a child building...

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How to attain a happy life….in this world & the next

  By: Ustahdha Bint Ahmad Source: IlmGate Each and every human is in pursuit of happiness, whether it be a child, or an adult, a Muslim or a non-Muslim, and this is a true fact. In order to achieve this true happiness, one must comprehend what this emotion really is. Happiness is ‘feeling, causing, or giving pleasure’ and it is being ‘satisfied’ according to the Oxford dictionary. It is essential to understand the psychology of happiness so we know how much of it we have control over. James Montier published his research into ‘The Pshchology of Happiness’ and learned that happiness was composed of three elements: About 50% of individual happiness comes from a genetic set point. That...

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Exercise: How to give your body its rights

By: Muslim Health Network Source: Muslim Health Network Driving to the shops, to work, to see friends, sitting in front of the telly, smoking & chewing tobacco, drinking cups of sweet tea & coffee mixed with a staple diet of samosa’s, pakora’s, baklava and purified ghee (butter)! These are the habits which have become the norm within our lifestyles today. We seem to be alien to the notions of healthy eating and regular exercise. Though the research and evidence on the long-term benefits of exercise and sport on social, mental, physical health and longevity of life are well documented. Regular aerobic exercise like the ones we have listed, which significantly increase heart rate and...

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