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The marriage destroyer: no longer a secret

  By: MuslimVillage Source: MuslimVillage It was by chance that Aisha discovered her husband’s secret. She always wondered why he was very touchy about her using his laptop or mobile. Passwords were constantly changed; he would always be right behind her when she had to use his mobile, and quickly take it from her hands when she was finished. One time Jamal had left his mobile on the kitchen counter while going to answer the door (he was meeting with an important client in his home office), and Aisha picked it up to look through his apps out of curiosity. That’s when she found what felt like a stab in the back. Pornography apps—lots of them—cluttered Jamal’s mobile! Aisha felt her...

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Can Muslims of different personality types succeed in marriage?

By: MuslimVillage Source: MuslimVillage Can Two Different Personalities Have a Successful Marriage? Let’s say that you have found the person that you feel could be the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. She/He is a person of piety and good character. She would be a good mother to your future children, and he is stable and would be a good provider for the family. So everything checks out, right? Well, there’s just one little thing that causes concern. Your potential wife comes across as being indecisive and too relaxed about matters you deem important. For your part, you are very decisive and prefer a more organized life. You like to know what is expected of you at all...

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Indonesia’s “Sharia province” praised by rights groups for maternity laws

By: Source: BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AFP) – Indonesia’s Aceh province, which has gained international infamy for its strict Islamic laws, won rare praise from rights activists Thursday (Sept 29) for introducing the country’s most generous maternity leave policy. The decision to give female civil servants six months’ maternity leave, double the typical amount elsewhere in the country, is an unusual move in a province routinely criticised for breaching women’s rights. However it has sparked a row with the central government in Jakarta, which says it runs counter to national law that stipulates three months maternity leave. Andreas...

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