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Manners and children: 5 tips

By: Hina Khan Mukhtar Source: The Muslim Observer I once asked a scholar for advice on what we should be teaching our children and he immediately responded, “Adab and akhlaq (manners and etiquettes). Parents don’t emphasize these enough anymore.” He went on to define “adab” as “the appropriate action, attitude, and response in any given situation”. Another scholar once said, “Adab beautifies everything it touches. We have Muslims who know rules and rituals; we don’t have nearly enough Muslims who know how to have adab. Sell your misbaha (prayer beads) and go buy some adab instead.” The Prophet Muhammad (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) stated, “I have only been sent to perfect good manners.” It...

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How tablets and mobiles can harm children

By: Dr Mary Aiken Source: The Telegraph Not long ago I was sitting on a train going from Dublin to Galway. A mother and baby came to sit across the aisle and began feeding. In a wonderful display of dexterity, she held the bottle in one hand and clutched a mobile phone in the other. Out of the corner of my eye, I observed her with a researcher’s curiosity. Ethnography is the immersive study of people and cultural phenomena, when the researcher is embedded in the social group being studied. As a cyberpsychologist, I am living in a continual ethnographic study. Hardly an hour goes by when I don’t notice how people are interacting with technology. Ten or fifteen minutes passed. The mother...

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World’s first Halal retreats to open in November

By: Source: The world’s first-ever halal retreat will be launched in November this year, combining spirituality with personal development for the fast-growing urban global Muslim traveller. The Productive Muslim Retreat will be a unique personal development journey over seven days with the aim of empowering attendees to live healthier and spiritually connected lives. It is looking to target Muslim entrepreneurs, students and professionals who are looking to take time off to reassess their lives and learn practical life skills – while adhering to their faith-based requirements. The Productive Muslim Retreat is a joint project launched by HalalTrip and...

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