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Nikah: a partnership of goodness and self-improvement

By: Uswatul Muslimah Source: Uswatul Muslimah There are many different partnerships in this world, and each has its own purpose. The purpose of a business partnership is to make money, while the purpose of a political partnership is to gain dominance, power and rulership. Similarly, nikaah is a life-long partnership which has multiple objectives. If raising the Muslims of tomorrow and gaining financial and social security are considered as objectives, then one of the primary objectives of nikaah, without a doubt, is definitely that of the imaan and Deen of the spouses to become complete and remain protected. Hence, a marriage in which each passing day finds the religious condition of the...

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For husband and wife: 17 tips for a happy home

  By: HaqqSeeker Source: FOR HER If you want to live like his ‘Queen’ then treat him like your ‘King’. Let him have an upper hand in most of the matters. In Islām a husband has a very high status. As a wife it is your responsibility to give him utmost respect and look after all his needs. Look forward to his coming back from work and also get ready in time for his arrival. Rejuvenate his spirits by presenting yourself with a fresh and charming look every time he comes home. A pleasant fragrance and a genuine smile can work wonders. Nagging is an act that is most unpleasant. Do not let it dominate your nature as it can gradually destroy a marriage. This is one thing...

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Human Appeal Australia Celebrates 25th Anniversary

By: MuslimVillage Source: MuslimVillage On Sunday the 27th of November, Human Appeal International Australia celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Sydney. The incredible milestone featured a Family Fun Day and Gala Dinner hosting a variety of local and international guest speakers and performances. With an audience of over 2,100 in attendance at the Waterview in Sydney Olympic Park, the stage was enlivened with appearances by the likes of Yusuf Estes from the US, nasheed artists Khaled Siddiq from the UK and Abdulfattah Owainat from Jordan, with comedian Mo Amer also from the US delivering a hilarious stand-up comedy act. There were two unique moments that stood out from the rest of the day’s...

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