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Indonesia: Halal tourism for families takes off

By: The World Folio Source: The World Folio With demand for halal tourism rising significantly, Indonesia is set to take full advantage of the niche tourism offering.  Indonesia, a vast country of more than 17,000 islands that encompasses most of Southeast Asia’s largest archipelago, has traditionally been an attractive tourism destination. Friendly people, warm weather, tropical beaches, incredible nature, world heritage historical sites and a harmonious mix of cultures, religions and languages has drawn tourists to visit the country by the droves. In fact since the 1970s, the country transformed from an unknown tourist destination to one popular around the world. This was particularly...

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Some advice on love and bonding in marriage

By: HaqqSeeker Source: MuslimVillage The bond connecting spouses can be said to be made up of numerous threads, each thread representing a human virtue. These threads are woven together to form a bond between the spouses that keeps them together through the years. It is very essential not only to keep that bond everlasting but to make every effort to strengthen it as well. The success of a marriage is based on the strength of this bond. The biggest mistake that couples make is to take their bond for granted, assuming that their connection will stay strong because they love each other or with the passing of the time they will get more attached to each other. But they don’t have an...

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Love for the right reasons

By: Maulana Khalid Dhorat Source: Love is a great emotion, a sacred feeling, and a comfortable place in the soul, but it can be motivated by all the wrong reasons. It can be motivated by wealth, a sense of security, beauty, high lineage, good character and even just plain infatuation and lust. Depending on why you love a person, especially your spouse, this is how much satisfaction and joy you will get from that relationship. If you love your husband for his wealth and status, then after his factory burns down, and you need to substitute your biryani for beans, will you still be loyal to him? If you love your wife for her beauty, after her accident or the breakout of eczema...

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