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When love is not enough: Muslim marriage today

By: Hosai Mojaddidi & Dr. Nafisa Sekandari Source: According to a Soundvision survey conducted in 2010: “If you attended six Muslim weddings this summer, chances are that two will end up in divorce sooner or later!” That might sound like a shocking statistic, but sadly, right now I can think of two recent marriages that are already on the verge of divorce. So according to this study, as of the late 1990s, the North American Muslim divorce rate stands at 31.14 percent. Incompatibility was the most cited reason for divorce (16.38%), followed by abuse (13.12%), financial disputes (10.41%), family / in-laws interference (10.20%), sexual infidelity / adultery...

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Pornography vs manhood

By: Faraz Omar Source: “You cannot fight them even when they are busy in Salah. You cannot unless they are weakened in their faith. So display all your riches and temptations, and even your women. And when they indulge in the dunya, then fight them.” ROMANS felt humiliated when Jerusalem had to be surrendered to the Muslims during the caliphate of Umar (رضي الله عنه). They were plotting to take back their lost glory by any means they could. That was the advice. The advice was taken. They publicized their luxuries and paid their women to appear semi nude, especially on the pathways of the Muslim soldiers. “Everything” to them after all “is fair in love and war.” The Companions...

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10 cause of unhappy marriages

By: Life Coaches Toolbox Source: Life Coaches Toolbox It doesn’t matter how many souls I land up helping though, they all have the same commonality: everyone wants the other party to be the person that is in the wrong. No one wants to take responsibility for being the person that is at fault – everything must be outside of them so that it can be fixed without their involvement or effort, so that their subjective view of them being perfect does not have to be threatened. We all want to think of ourselves as perfect, but if you’re still alive you still have a way to go in terms of development. Richard Bach puts it beautifully: ‘Here’s the test to find whether your mission on Earth is...

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