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The secrets to appreciating your spouse

By: Shaykh Abdul Hamid Is`haq Saheb Source: Jamiatul Ulama Generally, husbands and wives take each other for granted; to the extent of being off-hand in speech, insensitive of the other’s feelings and ungrateful for whatever kindness the other does. Sadly, today, we are so proud that we cannot even say “JazakAllah khayran” to the wife (or to the husband) – when some kindness is shown. Whilst we choose not to recognise the favours of the spouse, we are very quick to identify the shortcomings and failings of the spouse. Often, our fights stem from pride and from both sides, there is unwillingness to acknowledge when in the wrong or seek forgiveness. Many couples behave like little children...

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12 secrets to increased provision (rizq)

By: Umer Suleman Source: I’ve worked in and around the City for around 15 years now and one of the aspects of working in one of the financial capitals of the world I’ve really noticed is, the impact that the fiercely competitive environment has on an individual, and how they measure their own success by position and salary. Achieving more money (or even maintaining what you have) becomes the greatest aim we have, and this aim is reflected in how we behave, and what we are willing to sacrifice for it. Pursuits in life can sometimes dominate the entire discourse of our existence, fooling us to reach fulfilment and satisfaction, only through attaining a status in this world...

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Wife vs. girlfriend: A world of difference

By: Syed Iqbal Zaheer Source: Jamiatul Ulama The character and personality of a girlfriend is quite different from the character and personality of a wife. She who had been a good girlfriend, might succeed as a wife, or might not. In most cases that does not happen. Not because she can never be a good wife, but because, the disappointment is oppressive. Similar is the case when we compare the boyfriend against the husband, writes SYED IQBAL ZAHEER. Satan has a million guiles. One of them is that of an innocent relationship between a boy and a girl. They believe (or pretend to believe) that their relationship is pure, free of any sexual overtones and undertones, and full of sisterly or...

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