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Having children is the right of both spouses

By: General Iftaa Department (Jordan) Source: General Iftaa Department (Jordan) MV Editor’s Note: Regarding a question concerning whether a husband has the sole right to determine how many children the family should have, the General Iftaa (Fatwa) Department of Jordan responded with the following fatwa. This fatwa serves as a practical example of how Islamic Law is actually implemented in Muslim countries. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. According to Islamic Law having children is a binding legal right of both spouses. In the words of Imam Mawardi, “The child of a free woman is the right of them both (i.e. a mutual right of both spouses).” (Mawardi, Al Hawi al Kabir) Accordingly,...

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5 tips on raising children in the West

By: Maria Zain Source: We can talk about the conservative East and the parenting styles that parents over there adopt. Or we can talk about parenting in the West, and the prevalent approaches to raising children in the West. Of course there are different styles to parenting, ranging from authoritarian to permissive, and there are all sorts of methods that are recommended to nurture, guide and discipline children. Never mind the culture or approach, parenting is a tough job, no matter how you look at it. But amidst the challenges of parenting, the responsibility falls heavily upon Muslim parents to raise children as the best of Muslims, no matter where they are staying and no...

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The bridal dowry (mahr) in Islam

By: Beautiful Islam Source: Beautiful Islam Allah Most High says: “Indeed, We know what We have enjoined upon them for their wives.” (Surah Ahzaab Aayat 50) This verse implies that Allah Most High in His infinite knowledge knows the rights of the wife that are due upon the husband. The Hanafi Scholars state that amongst the rights alluded to in the above verse is the right of mahr or mandatory dowry due to the bride also. There is a stipulated amount in Allah’s knowledge, which The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him and grant him peace) highlighted in a Hadith reported by Jaabir (Allah be pleased with him) not to be less than ten dirhams. Minimum Mahr Therefore, according to the Hanafi...

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