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Debate: Does social media cause more harm than good?

Source: YouTube Social media has brought about much harm and benefit to the Muslim community. On the one hand, it is a great platform for communication, raising awareness, and calling people to Islam. On the other hand, social media has been the cause of several societal illnesses. With this in mind, does social media bring about “more” harm to the community? Join us in this educational debate where some of the well-known members of the Muslim community take to the podium to debate this...

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Eid Morning – Eid Mubarak

Source: YouTube Eid Mubarak to everyone from MuslimVillage, Native Deen, and DeenTV. This classic song on the album “Not Afraid to Stand Alone” is based on the “Takbirat” performed at Eid prayers around the world.

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Interview for the World’s Toughest Job.

Can you do the world’s toughest job……billions do it everyday.

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