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Get busy but not too busy!

By: Muhammad Arshad Source: They say that a fool lives to eat and a wise person eats to live. But then the question remains: for what purpose does the wise person live? Living is not an end by itself. There has to be a purpose to life. So what is this purpose? Most who reflect or think about life in any detail will consider and ponder about this. If the purpose of life is to become wealthy, then obviously there would be no further purpose after becoming wealthy. How could wealth then be considered as the aim of life? Once upon a time, a strong woodcutter got a job with a timber merchant. The pay was good, so he determined to do his best. His boss gave him an axe. The first day...

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What a wife is

By: Anonymous Source: MuslimVillage By getting married you are not just getting a wife, you are getting your whole world. From now until the rest of your days your wife will be your partner, your companion, and your best friend. She will share your moments, your days, and your years. She will share your joys and sorrows, your successes and failures, your dreams and your fears. When you are ill, she will take the best care of you; when you need help, she will do all she can for you; when you have a secret, she will keep it; when you need advice, she will give you the best advice. She will always be with you: when you wake up in the morning the first thing your eyes will see will be hers;...

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Jesus’ (pbuh) Second Coming: An event of cosmic significance

By: Shaykh al-Islam Mawlana Shabbir Ahmad ‘Uthmani (Translated by Zameelur Rahman) Source: IlmGate Qutaybah ibn Sa’id narrated to us: Layth narrated to us [and] Muhammad ibn Rumh narrated to us: al-Layth informed us: from ibn Shihab: from ibn al-Musayyab: that he heard Abu Hurayrah say: Allah’s Messenger (Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, “By Him in Whose hand is my soul, the Son of Maryam (peace be upon him) will soon descend among you as a just judge. He will break crosses, kill swine and abolish jizyah, and the wealth will pour forth to such a degree that none will accept it.” (Sahih Muslim) His statement “the Son of Maryam will soon descend among you” to the end [of the...

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