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Donald Trump and the specter of white identity politics

By: Eric D. Knowles, New York University and Linda R. Tropp, University of Massachusetts Amherst Source: The Conversation Many political commentators credit Donald Trump’s rise to white voters’ antipathy toward racial and ethnic minorities. However, we believe this focus on racial resentment obscures another important aspect of racial thinking. In a study of white Americans’ attitudes and candidate preferences, we found that Trump’s success reflects the rise of “white identity politics” – an attempt to protect the collective interests of white voters via the ballot box. Whereas racial prejudice refers to animosity toward other racial groups, white identity reflects a sense of connection to...

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Black Muslims contribution to America

By: Sahar Akbarzai Source: The Daily Targum “Islam has always been part of America.” This is a phrase usually pointed out by President Barack Obama when he discusses the history of Muslims in America. But what many people do not know is that Muslims were here before the founding of the United States. Not only does the history and presence of Muslims predate the existence of America, but also Muslims were integral to the development of this country. Many historians claim that the earliest Muslims came from the Senegambian region of Africa in the early 14th century. Since the 1600s, during the beginning of the American slave trade, the first Africans slaves were brought from West Africa. As...

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Crimea: Russian authorities target Muslims, dissenters

By: Kyiv Post Source: Kyiv Post SIMFEROPOL, Crimea – Standing at the door to her house in Stroganovka, a suburb of Simferopol, Fera Abdullaeva apologizes for the mess inside. There are boxes of potatoes brought by concerned neighbors, and more boxes of clothes and belongings gathered together after a pre-dawn search by Russian security services on Oct. 12 turned the house upside-down. The armed, masked men left with books and computer, the family savings — and Fera’s husband, Uzeir Abdullaev. Uzeir, along with four other men arrested in simultaneous raids, is accused of forming a cell of the pan-Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir. Their arrests bring the number of Crimean Muslims detained...

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