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It’s about time modest clothing took its place in the fashion world

By: Sana Sarwar Source: The Independent Over the past few years, we have seen the hijab merge into British culture with more women in the public domain wearing the headscarf than ever before, such as Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain. “Modest wear” is the newest trend on the block to diversify the face of contemporary fashion. Ten years ago, as a hijabi (headscarf wearer), I faced the constant battle to find clothing that looked good and didn’t compromise my religious beliefs. My wardrobe often consisted of plain, boring and oversized tops, straight leg denim jeans, neck scarfs that doubled as makeshift hijabs, and a mountain of maxi skirts I care not to count. I yearned for...

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Coverage of the Muslim travel ban reveals a Muslim TV ban

By: Khaled A Beydoun Source: Al Jazeera In his landmark work, Orientalism, Edward Said theorised that Muslims are fundamentally subjects of study and scrutiny for Western outsiders, systematically excluded from the enterprise of contributing and commenting on their very existence. While the modern media discourse is preoccupied with Islamophobia, Orientalism remains front and centre – in the form of an alarming absence of Muslim experts and analysts on mainstream news media examining issues that implicate and impact their lives. This is particularly troubling in the Trump era, and more specifically, the prolific media attention given to the immigration executive order, commonly...

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Opinion: Trump isn’t the only one who needs to be resisted

By: Margaret Kimberley Source: Black Agenda Report Resistance is the new watch word for millions of people who oppose Donald Trump and his administration. This is a positive development against a president who made such open appeals to white American supremacy and the 21st century iterations of manifest destiny. His announcement of a travel ban directed at citizens of seven mostly Muslim nations rekindled outrage and denunciation from millions of people around the country. Those protests were righteous and needed to take place. What they did not need was the presence of Democratic politicians who are still committed to imperialism and neoliberalism and to their failed policies which...

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