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Emir Abdelkader a true Muslim fighter and leader

By: Robert Fisk Source: The Independent After the Manchester massacre… yes, and after Nice and Paris, Mosul and Abu Ghraib and 7/7 and the Haditha massacre – remember those 28 civilians, including children, killed by US Marines, four more than Manchester but no minute’s silence for them? And of course 9/11… Counterbalancing cruelty is no response, of course. Just a reminder. As long as we bomb the Middle East instead of seeking justice there, we too will be attacked. But what we must concentrate upon, according to the monstrous Trump, is terror, terror, terror, terror, terror. And fear. And security. Which we will not have while we are promoting death in the Muslim world and selling...

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Understanding think tanks is important in a post truth world

By: Till Bruckner Source: OpenDemocracy Think tanks are often blasted by commentators on the political left for being front groups in the service of hidden corporate interests that work to undermine democracy and the will of the people – it is time to debunk this. If we care about democracy, we should keep a close eye on think tanks – not as simplistic caricatures, but as the complex – and sometimes contradictory – organizations that they really are. Below are seven common misperceptions about think tanks. 1. Think tanks are secretive organisations that operate in the shadows Not true. Out of 27 British policy research institutions assessed for Transparify’s 2017 think tank ratings, 17 are...

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Jerusalem: No need to be stung twice

By: Hakkı Öcal Source: Daily Sabah A long time ago, the Entente Cordiale, the Anglo-French agreement that ended antagonism between Great Britain and France before World War I, was in danger of collapse thanks to both sides’ voracity in sharing the Ottoman lands. They reluctantly signed a secret deal. The infamous Sykes-Picot agreement enabled them to create five countries, run the region for 30 years and sow the seeds of the most fiendish struggle between Muslims and Jews. This agreement came into being with difficulty, as both sides believed that the other was cheating to get a better share of Ottoman Arab territory. Without telling each other, they promised Sharif Hussein, the emir...

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