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What is the Olympic spirit regarding politics?

By: Yousef Munayyer Source: Al Jazeera “Two disaffected black athletes from the United States put on a public display of petulance that sparked one of the most unpleasant controversies in Olympics history and turned the high drama of the games into theatre of the absurd.” That is how the Time Magazine chose to describe the now iconic scene of Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising black-gloved fists high while standing atop the medal pedestal and refusing to look at the American flag. The year, of course, was 1968. Months earlier, Martin Luther King Jr had been assassinated, and major riots took place that year and in the years prior. Nascent Civil Rights legislation was still...

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The Russian bear is giving Shias the upper hand

By: Robert Fisk Source: The Independent The Shias are winning. Two pictures prove it. The US-Iranian photo op that followed the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran last year and the footage just released – by the Russian defence ministry, no less – showing Moscow’s Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers flying out of the Iranian air base at Hamadan and bombing the enemies of Shia Iran and of the Shia (Alawite) regime of Syria and of the Shia Hezbollah. And what can the Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia match against this? Only its wretched war to kill the miserable Shia Houthis of Yemen – with British arms. Poor, luckless Turkey — whose Sultan Erdogan makes Theresa May’s political U-turns look like a...

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Germany where even non-existent burqas get banned

By: Adam Taylor Source: The Washington Post Will Germany become the latest country to ban the burqa? At a news conference to discuss new security measures on Thursday, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière seemed to suggest that a partial ban on the full-face veils worn by some Muslim women was in the works. “It doesn’t fit in with our open society. To show one’s face is crucial for communicating, for living together in our society and keeping it together,” de Maizière told reporters. “In the areas where it serves a function to show one’s face, we want to make it a rule . . . and this means whoever breaks it must feel the consequences.” It’s a big move on a...

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