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Is there a French ‘Muslim vote’?

By: Fatima Khemilat Source: The Conversation On April 8, the well-known French television show Salut les terriens turned sour when guests discussed the very sensitive topic of the so-called “French Muslim vote”. One panelist, journalist Sonia Mabrouk, argued that Muslims in France are constantly used by opportunists, from politicians to intellectuals, as a constituency to serve their own purposes. The incident recalled the final televised debate of France’s 2012 presidential election, when then-candidate François Hollande sparred with incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy over the “Muslim vote”. Hollande was in favour of extending the right to vote in local elections to non-EU citizens...

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A dangerous piece of cake: Trump’s new foreign policy

By: Pepe Escobar Source: Sputnik Here’s the Commander-in-chief of the Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake School of Foreign Policy, expanding on his next move regarding North Korea. “We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines. Very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. That I can tell you.” As if bombing nuclear-armed North Korea would be as much of a piece of cake as Tomahawking a semi-deserted air base in Syria. But then, that’s the beauty of a box of chocolates foreign policy; you never know what you’re gonna get. NATO was “obsolete.” Then it was “no longer obsolete.” China was a currency manipulator....

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Fact-checking Trump on Syria missile strike

By: Lori Robertson Source: President Donald Trump said the Obama administration “had a great opportunity to solve” the crisis in Syria when Obama set a “red line” for military intervention. But when Obama didn’t launch such intervention, “I think that set us back a long ways,” Trump said. However, Trump ignores his repeated calls at the time to “not attack Syria.” Trump is free to criticize President Barack Obama’s handling of Syria and the “red-line” episode. As we said in 2013, Obama blurred the facts on the issue in trying to downplay his remarks. But Trump’s comment also blurs the history of his own statements on the issue. The White House released a brief statement by...

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