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Saudi praises Trump after ‘turning point’ meeting

By: Nafeesa Syeed and Glen Carey Source: Bloomberg Saudi Arabia, seeking to breathe life into its decades-old alliance with the U.S., claimed “a historic turning point” in bilateral relations after President Donald Trump welcomed Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the White House. “Relations had undergone a period of difference of opinion,” a senior adviser to the crown prince said in a statement after Tuesday’s meeting. “However, today’s meeting has put things on the right track, and marked a significant shift in relations, across all political, military, security and economic fields.” Sunni Arab leaders are embracing Trump with praise the president isn’t finding from other U.S....

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The significance of Saudi King Salman’s historic Asia tour

By: Ankit Panda Source: Al Jazeera In the final days of February, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, flanked by a 600-strong delegation, embarked on a month-long tour of the Asia-Pacific, where he is visiting Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, China, the Maldives, and, on his way back to the Middle East, Jordan. Saudi kings seldom undertake such ambitious regional tours, but King Salman’s undertaking is an extension of the kingdom’s more ambitious outreach to the Asia-Pacific since King Abdullah’s death in 2015. Saudi state media and the royal court have portrayed the trip as primarily concerned with energy and investment matters, but the broader...

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Opinion: Trump isn’t the only one who needs to be resisted

By: Margaret Kimberley Source: Black Agenda Report Resistance is the new watch word for millions of people who oppose Donald Trump and his administration. This is a positive development against a president who made such open appeals to white American supremacy and the 21st century iterations of manifest destiny. His announcement of a travel ban directed at citizens of seven mostly Muslim nations rekindled outrage and denunciation from millions of people around the country. Those protests were righteous and needed to take place. What they did not need was the presence of Democratic politicians who are still committed to imperialism and neoliberalism and to their failed policies which...

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