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Fasting: details and secretes

By: Mufti Musa Furber Source: Musa’s Muftic Musings The following is from an old translation I did from a chapter entitled “The Book of Fasting, its secrets, its tasks and what is associated with it” in Mukhtasar Minhaj al-Qasidin.1 Know that fasting contains a distinctive characteristic not found elsewhere. It is being ascribed to Allah Mighty and Majestic, where He (Transcendent is He) says, “Fasting is Mine, and I give reward for it”. This ascription suffices as honor, just as the Kaʿba is ascribed to Allah Most High when He says, “And purify My house” (al-Hajj, 26). Fasting has superiority because of two concepts. The first is that fasting is a secret and an internal action that...

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Ramadan Karim! Welcome the days of pure mercy

  By: Maria Zain Source: MV Editor’s Note: The world’s 1.8 billion Muslims will start fasting the blessed month of Ramadan over the next 48hrs InshAllah. Depending on which country they reside in and what methodology their respective scholars have decided to adopt, Ramadan could start as early as Friday May 26 or as late as Sunday May 28. Whatever method or day it may be in your part of the world, MuslimVillage prays that you have a blessed Ramadan filled with life changing worship and acceptance from Allah. We also pray that Allah removes the tribulations, oppression, and war that so many in the Ummah face daily and that He grant us all success in...

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Welcome to the month of blessing

By: EIslam Source: EIslam We are now so fortunate that Allah Most High has blessed us with this great Month of Ramadan. We wish to share with you some beautiful advice said to have been passed on to us by the Greatest Teacher, the Noble and Final Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him). This message was delivered on the Last Day of Sha’ban. Salman (Allah be pleased with him) reports on the last day of Sha’ban, The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) addressed us and said: “On the last day of Shaʿban, the Messenger of Allah (upon him blessings and peace) addressed us and said: “O People, there comes upon you now a great month, a most blessed month, in which lies a night greater in worth...

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