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Abrar Mirza's London Beard Company reaches beyond the Muslim community. Image source: The Guardian

UK: How young Muslims are tapping into phenomenal wealth

By: Harriet Sherwood Source: The Guardian By mid-evening, the Artisan dessert restaurant in Ladypool Road, Birmingham, is crowded. People squash up on its green and pink velvet banquettes to drink mint mojitos or raspberry spice mocktails and sample an array of elaborate cakes and puddings. Opened last year by Ali Imdad, a Great British Bake Off contestant in 2013, and his business partner Vakas Mohammed, Artisan has become a sought-out destination for couples and friends to meet after dinner. “A lot of Muslims won’t go to a bar or a club, but going out for mocktails and dessert is a good alternative,” said Imdad. The growth of dessert parlours was a reflection of the rising disposable...

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Indonesia seeks dominance in global Halal market

By: Jakarta Globe Source: Jakarta Globe Jakarta – As a country with the world’s largest Muslim population, Indonesia is also a huge market for halal products. “Many international companies have already observed this fact and have been marketing their products in our country,” former deputy minister for tourism Sapta Nirwandar said on Friday (07/10). Indonesia’s own halal products have also been increasingly popular. “As we can see, Indonesia’s halal foods, shariah banking and Islamic fashion industry have grown rapidly in the last five to six years. This shows a great [market] potential. We should all join together, support one another and grow the...

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Hajj 2016: 1.8 million pilgrims the smallest number in 10 years

By: Saudi Gazette Source: Jeddah — This year 54.6% male and 45.4% female foreign pilgrims performed Haj, according to a final data released by the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat). Most of the foreign pilgrims arrived by flights (94%), while 5% came through land border crossings, and only 1% came by sea. The number of foreign and domestic pilgrims has come down during the past 10 years. In 2007, more than 1.7 million foreign and 746,511 domestic pilgrims performed Haj, making a total of more than 2.4 million Hajis. However this year, 1,325,372 foreign and 537,537 domestic pilgrims performed Haj, making a total of 1,862,909 Hajis. This is the least number of pilgrims...

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