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Taiwan: Asia’s ‘hidden gem’ embraces Islamic tourism

By: John Thomas Source: Arabian Gazette Taiwan is a beautiful island country layered with the heritage of Taiwanese aboriginals, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese in a beautiful cultural amalgam of sorts. Endowed with magnificent peaks, green rolling hills, plains, basins, coastlines, lush forests and national parks, it is also a nature lover’s paradise. At the backdrop of the Arabian Travel Market, the Arabian Gazette team caught up with Dr. Trust H.J. Lin, Director of Taiwan Visitors Association, who was here in the UAE to promote his country in the Middle East region.  Here are the excerpts of the interview. Why do you think Taiwan is a preferred destination for international travelers? I...

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Why ‘modest fashion’ will disappoint more than elevate

By: Faisal Al Yafai Source: The National (UAE) Twice so far this year London has held a “modest fashion” week, most recently this month. Modest fashion is also known as Islamic fashion and takes inspiration from the more modest way devout Muslim women dress. Think covered hair, flowing lines and a riot of colour inspired by African, Asian and Arab heritage. That Islamic fashion has been rebranded as modest fashion is a recognition that its appeal transcends women of faith. In some circles, it is seen as revolutionary. Feminists think it will dismantle the patriarchy. Muslims think it will banish Islamophobia. And doomsayers think it will be the end of western secularism....

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Malaysian universities primed for growth in global Halal market

By: Lee Lian Kong Source: Muslims are expected to make up more than a quarter of the world’s population by 2030. As their numbers grow, so will the global demand for Islamic products and services. The Muslim consumer market is huge and relatively under-served in the conventional marketplace, but world economies are fast joining the rush for a slice of the pie in this lucrative multitrillion-dollar industry. Quartz reports the global Islamic market in 2013 was already worth a staggering US$3.6 trillion; come 2020, that figure is expected to balloon to over US$5 trillion. For the young and uninitiated, this inevitably means one thing: opportunities abound as the need...

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