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Malaysia: Halal trade event expected to break records

By: Japan Times Source: Japan Times When the Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) opens in Kuala Lumpur on April 3, it will follow in the hope of topping last year’s phenomenally successful event go pro videos herunterladen. 2018 was the 15th iteration of the halal industry’s largest global event that attracted 778 exhibitors from 32 countries (a 35 percent increase over 2017), welcomed around 21,000 trade visitors from 72 countries and resulted in trade worth approximately $370 million — a 50 percent increase compared to 2017 adobe typekit fonts. This year’s event is aimed to rewrite the record books once again. MIHAS 2019 expects some 1,000 exhibitors and is estimated to draw...

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Experts worried about Middle East economies in 2019

By: Simon Constable Source: Middle East Eye Falling oil output together with restrained government spending looks set to blight some key economies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) over the coming year, with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman expected to be particularly hard hit. However, analysts say whether the economic slowdown results in more political instability across the region will depend on how governments choose to react ich kann bei netflix nichtsen. “The region’s recovery is set to falter in 2019 and growth is likely to be weaker than most expect,” a recent report from London-based research firm Capital Economics found. In Gulf states in particular,...

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What real profit looks like

By: Khalid Baig Source: Beautiful Islam At their most basic and visible level trade and business involve exchange of goods and services. But there is much more to business than moving goods and services in one direction and money in the other. The product, the packaging, the delivery system, and the advertising messages that accompany it, all of them carry statements about what is good, or acceptable, or desirable, and what is not. Through this much larger exchange — at emotional and intellectual levels — business can be a powerful agent of cultural change. This role is increased manifold in the age of the media and professional marketing campaigns spiegel tv film...

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