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The problem with “mainstreaming” “Islamic fashion”

By: Aaleen Anjum Zulqarnain Source: Huffington Post Last year,, mogul fashion house D&G made what Forbes noted was their “smartest move in years”, when they launched a new collection of abayas and headscarves under their label. D&G is repeatedly being hailed as ‘progressive’ and their announcement is supposedly an exciting development in the fashion realm, but for some Muslim women, there is nothing exceptional or remotely noteworthy about this line at all. Why should D&G be applauded for something that is at its core, primarily just a calculated business move devoid of any real intention to change the fashion world to be more inclusive of its Muslim audience? When you take...

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The Burkini and other conversations of 2016

By: Shelina Zahra Janmohamed Source: The National So much of 2016 can be summed up by the startling picture of a Muslim woman on a beach in Cannes. Surrounded by four policemen, she was forced to disrobe, under the shadow of a French mayor’s ban on burkinis. The photograph was a lightning rod for so many of the year’s themes for Muslim women. Their right to choose what they wear. Their acceptance in global discourse on their own terms. The multiple layers of oppression facing Muslim women of gender, race and religion. The reduction of all discourse about Muslims and terrorism to the image of veiled Muslim women. The casting of Muslim women as both criminal and victim. The nullification of...

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Dec21 and the strength of halal tourism

By: Alicia Buller Source: The National Elnur Seyidli is a man who is teeming with ambition. At the age of 39, he has already lived and worked in six countries and chaired ­several businesses across the globe. But perhaps the biggest feather to his bow is yet to come. As the chairman and co-founder of ­, he says all bets are on his latest brainchild being a billion-dollar business in just five years’ time. Coining his company as the “halal version of”, he is confident that a confluence of global mega trends will drive the growth of his London-based travel booking start-up. “If you’re a Muslim from Malaysia and you’re travelling to Peru, we...

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