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The struggle for the soul of the hijab

By: Shazia Ahmad Source: Al-Madina Institute Hijab1 is a frequently discussed topic in our community and a practice dissected and opined over from many different angles. While it is talked about frequently, in many of the most important ways it is little understood. Our discourse on hijab is often devoid of any meaningful consideration of it as an act of devotion, which is its primary purpose. There is also little reflection on the foundational quality from which hijab emanates — haya’ (modesty). These are the heart and soul of hijab that we, individually and as a community, often overlook. The Inward and the Outward Islam teaches that at its core, hijab should be a spiritual act done...

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Mexico turns to halal meat market as replacement for US

By: David Alire Garcia and Theopolis Waters Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage MEXICO CITY/CHICAGO (Reuters) – Mexico’s growing beef industry is targeting Muslim consumers in the Middle East for its prime cuts as it seeks to reduce dependence on buyers in the United States. The potential for a U.S.-Mexico trade war under President Donald Trump has accelerated efforts by Mexican beef producers to explore alternative foreign markets to the United States, which buys 94 percent of their exports worth nearly $1.6 billion last year. Trump has vowed to redraw terms of trade with Mexico and Canada to the benefit of the United States. Mexican beef companies fear they may be dragged into...

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Why Japan is becoming a favorite halal destination

By: Julian Ryall South China Morning Post Source: South China Morning Post Japan is rolling out the red carpet to visitors from Muslim nations, with qiblah arrows (pointing towards Mecca) appearing in hotel rooms, prayer rooms being signposted in airports and commercial complexes, and halal food becoming a staple in restaurants and the cafeterias of companies that conduct business with firms from Muslim states. There has been a steady growth in the number of Muslims opting to settle in Japan. Halal meals first became available on menus about a decade ago, but the nation’s recent tourism boom is driving supply and demand. The total number of tourist arrivals in Japan in 2016 surpassed 24...

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