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It’s about time modest clothing took its place in the fashion world

By: Sana Sarwar Source: The Independent Over the past few years, we have seen the hijab merge into British culture with more women in the public domain wearing the headscarf than ever before, such as Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain. “Modest wear” is the newest trend on the block to diversify the face of contemporary fashion. Ten years ago, as a hijabi (headscarf wearer), I faced the constant battle to find clothing that looked good and didn’t compromise my religious beliefs. My wardrobe often consisted of plain, boring and oversized tops, straight leg denim jeans, neck scarfs that doubled as makeshift hijabs, and a mountain of maxi skirts I care not to count. I yearned for...

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Islamic finance has alot to offer today’s financial systems

By: Aneesa Bodiat Source: Quartz By 2030, more than a quarter of the world’s population will be Muslim. However, most conventional financiers do not offer financing arrangements that suit the particular restrictions that Muslims face when it comes to money, contracts, and finance. Islamic finance is based upon principles of ethics and transparency—which means that it holds plenty of appeal for borrowers regardless of their religious backgrounds. The smart move for lenders around the world, then, may be to offer Islamically compliant products that suit the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Importing principles of Islamic finance into the global economic market would strengthen the...

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Russia enters global Islamic finance and halal industries

By: Fatima Muhammad Source: Zawya The global Islamic finance industry, which is witnessing phenomenal growth rates with expansions in Europe and sukuk listings, will see a new entrant in Russia that hopes to cash in on the substantial Muslim population in the European country. They have already started the process of getting acclimatized with the Islamic finance industry by learning from the established model of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), headquartered in Jeddah. “Russia is hoping to implement Islamic Finance systems in its banks,” said a member of the Russian delegation that was paying a visit to the IDB. He said, “Our principal goal is to get acquainted with the Islamic finance...

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