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Turkey: All-inclusive “halal cruises” launched for Muslim travelers

By: Daily Sabah with Anadolu Agency Source: Daily Sabah Halal cruises will be Turkey’s booming tourism offering in 2017 with ships sailing along the Danube River, the Nile and the Rhine River, exclusively serving religiously observant Muslims. Everything on board complies with Islamic values: Halal food products, separate spas for men and women, women-friendly swimming pools and sports centers, spacious praying facilities and separate traditional Turkish hamams, or saunas. Starting from July, ships with a capacity for more than 150 passengers run by the Turkish tourism company Helal Cruise will fill an important void in the halal tourism industry, which has attracted greater demand...

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Japanese clothing giant to introduce hijab line to Canada

By: Michael Shulman Source: Yahoo Finance Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo only opened their doors at their first two locations in Canada last fall, but they’re already making a splash on the national fashion scene. According to The Toronto Star, the company is planning to release a line of modest wear in Canada next month. The offerings will include: hijabs, a traditional head covering worn by Muslim women; abayas, a longer robe worn by women in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula; and attire inspired by baju kurung, a tunic-and-pants outfit worn in South East Asia. The spring-and-summer line will be on the racks at Uniqlo’s two Canadian locations in...

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The problem with “mainstreaming” “Islamic fashion”

By: Aaleen Anjum Zulqarnain Source: Huffington Post Last year,, mogul fashion house D&G made what Forbes noted was their “smartest move in years”, when they launched a new collection of abayas and headscarves under their label. D&G is repeatedly being hailed as ‘progressive’ and their announcement is supposedly an exciting development in the fashion realm, but for some Muslim women, there is nothing exceptional or remotely noteworthy about this line at all. Why should D&G be applauded for something that is at its core, primarily just a calculated business move devoid of any real intention to change the fashion world to be more inclusive of its Muslim audience? When you take...

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