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Make it green: 5 ways to up-cycle Muslim outfits

By: Sarah Ghanem Source: MuslimVillage Most of us are always on the lookout for ways to up-cycle our old outfits and make new uses of them. That’s for two main reasons, firstly-none of us likes to waste tons of money for shopping every season. Though upcycling doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out for shopping, it just allows you to spend your money more wisely, in an eco-friendly way and only for things that you really need. This is where the second reason comes in, which is the fact that we all have some pieces of clothes that we love too much and we just can’t get rid of them. So instead of wearing the same outfits again, give them a totally new look by using some of our tips and...

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Human Appeal Australia Celebrates 25th Anniversary

By: MuslimVillage Source: MuslimVillage On Sunday the 27th of November, Human Appeal International Australia celebrated its 25th Anniversary in Sydney. The incredible milestone featured a Family Fun Day and Gala Dinner hosting a variety of local and international guest speakers and performances. With an audience of over 2,100 in attendance at the Waterview in Sydney Olympic Park, the stage was enlivened with appearances by the likes of Yusuf Estes from the US, nasheed artists Khaled Siddiq from the UK and Abdulfattah Owainat from Jordan, with comedian Mo Amer also from the US delivering a hilarious stand-up comedy act. There were two unique moments that stood out from the rest of the day’s...

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Tunisia: Official says Islamic finance can save the economy

By: MEMO Source: MEMO The Governor of Tunisia’s Central Bank, Chedly Ayari, said on Monday that his country needs to come up with $1 billion in the form of Islamic finance bonds — sukuk — in order to rescue the economy. Ayari made his comments on the fringe of a meeting about Islamic finance in the service of employment. “Tunisia needs Islamic sukuk that make money for economic growth,” he added. Islamic banking, said the governor, will have a big future in Tunisia after passing the psychological barrier of people understanding Islamic bonds. “The Tunisian banks complain about the lack of long-term funds, and Islamic sukuk open-up this area,” he explained. “We are trying to bring in...

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