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International basketball body lifts hijab ban

By: Hannah Abrams Source: Promo Marketing Magazine This week, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) lifted a uniform rule that prohibited players from wearing religious headwear on the basketball court, according to Vice. For Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, a point guard who played for Indiana State and the University of Memphis, this is huge news. She wanted to continue her basketball career in Europe, but could not play because she’s a Muslim woman in hijab, which would have violated FIBA’s uniform rule. In addition to Muslim women, the headwear ban also kept Sikh men in turbans and Jewish men in kippot from participating in professional leagues worldwide. But now, thanks to the efforts of...

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Meet the Iranian Lionel Messi

By: VOA News Source: VOA News An Iranian student who happens to look uncannily like soccer great Lionel Messi, nearly ended up in jail for disrupting public order. A photo event in Reza Paratesh’s home town of Hamedan attracted so many fans that police had to close it down, according to AFP. Paratesh’s brush with fame came after his father convinced him to pose for a photo wearing Messi’s number 10 Barcelona jersey and send it to a sports website. That worked out well as Paratesh became a popular television guest and even got a modeling job. “Now people really see me as the Iranian Messi and want me to mimic everything he does. When I show up somewhere, people are really...

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Speedo launches ‘burkini’ beachwear for Muslim women

By: Melissa Yeo, Parramatta Advertiser Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia) IF YOU’VE ever gone swimsuit shopping and struggled to find the right fit — save a thought for Anisa Buckley. A keen squad swimmer as a young teen, she was turned away from the sport when she couldn’t find the right swimwear. “Once I hit 14 I had to start making do with swimming clothes,” she said. “I would wear light weight long pants and long sleeve cotton shirts because there was nothing readily available. “A lot of pools had policies about wearing clothes at the time so it made it hard for people who wanted to train and wear modest clothes.” In recent years she has rekindled her love for swimming with a group of...

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