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From Land Day to the Nakba – the legitimacy of Palestinian struggle

By: Isabella Bellezza-Smull Source: OpenDemocracy On Friday March 30, over 30,000 Palestinians peacefully approached the border area of the Gaza strip to bring attention to their unfulfilled right of return to their families homes inside Israel and to highlight the ongoing plight of living under Israeli occupation. Israeli military forces responded with lethal force, deploying troops, drones, tanks, and snipers who fired on the crowds using live fire, rubber-coated steel pellets, and tear gas. By the end of the day, fifteen Palestinians had been killed – many of them plainly unarmed – and over 1,000 wounded. By the end of the following week, 31 Palestinian lives had been taken,...

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‘Western media’ and mass brainwashing

By: Hamid Dabashi Source: Al Jazeera “Gaza-Israel border: Clashes ‘leave 16 Palestinians dead and hundreds injured’.” That is a typical BBC headline when Israeli soldiers start killing, with coldblooded precision, defenseless Palestinians. “Palestinian officials say,” they would then add, “at least 16 people have been killed by Israeli forces and hundreds more wounded during protests at the Gaza-Israeli border … The Israeli military said soldiers had opened fire after rioting.” Where did this particular noncommittal news prose come from, this language of equivocation, this pathological penchant for the passive voice, systemically...

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Trump plays to Sharia law conspiracy theories

By: Josh Wood Source: Middle East Eye BOSTON, United States – On Donald Trump’s re-election campaign website, the “Listening to America 2018” survey asks for opinions on hot button issues facing the country. Predictably for a divided America, much of its language is loaded and many of the questions are leading. But the issues covered are mostly real concerns that many people in the United States have: things like abortion, how to prevent school shootings, how to strengthen the economy and what to do about illegal immigration. Then there’s question 27: “Are you concerned by the potential spread of Sharia Law?” Conspiracy theories that Sharia law is creeping its way into power in...

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