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Austria bans the niqab with $166 fine

By: Al Jazeera Source: Al Jazeera Austrian members of parliament have approved a new bill which bans garments that fully cover the face of women – the latest restriction for the country’s Muslim population. The provision, adopted on Tuesday night, was backed by both ruling parties and means that people wearing full-face veils in public will be subject to 150-euro ($166) fines starting in October. The measure was first announced by Austria’s coalition government in January as part of wider proposals aimed at countering the rise of the far-right, anti-Islam Freedom Party. Farid Hafez, political scientist at the University of Salzburg and editor of The European Islamophobia...

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Senegal: Saudi and Iran clash for religious influence

By: Tim Cocks and Bozorgmehr Sharafedin Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage DAKAR (Reuters) – In an upmarket suburb of Senegal’s seaside capital, a branch of Iran’s Al-Mustafa University teaches Senegalese students Shi’ite Muslim theology, among other subjects. The branch director is Iranian and a portrait of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei hangs on his office wall. The teaching includes Iranian culture and history, Islamic science and Iran’s mother tongue, Farsi; students receive free food and financial help. The university is a Shi’ite outpost in a country where Sufism, a more relaxed, mystical and apolitical form of Sunni Islam, is the...

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Study: Coverage of women’s treatment in Muslim countries is biased

By: Rochelle Terman Source: The Washington Post Are Muslims inherently misogynist? Many Americans seem to think so. Public opinion data reveal anxiety about whether Islam is compatible with Western values. A big part of that unease comes from the perception that Muslim societies are sexist and patriarchal. Earlier this year, liberal comedian Bill Maher called it a “fantasy” to assume Muslim refugees would be able to integrate into Western countries because they “come from very misogynistic cultures.” To be sure, few people would deny that there’s sexism and gender discrimination in many Muslim societies. But American public opinion about Muslim women’s rights may come in part from an...

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