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Morsi defiant as trial adjourned in Egypt

By: Daniel Doherty Source: Former President Mohammad Morsi has made his first public appearance since he was ousted roughly four months ago in an Egyptian courtroom. Morsi, along with 14 other senior Muslim Brotherhood devotees, are on trial for inciting violence. But the court hearing was first delayed then postponed until January, it seems, reportedly because the defendants began chanting and disrupting the proceedings herunterladen. Morsi, of course, maintained from the beginning that the trial was “illegitimate” – insisting that he was the rightful leader of Egypt, according to the AP: Emerging from four months in secret detention, Egypt’s deposed Islamist president...

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Egypt’s Draft Constitution – English translation

Egypt Independent’s translation of the draft constitution EGYPTIAN CONSTITUTION PREAMBLE
 We, the people of Egypt, In the name of God and with the assistance of God, declare this to be Egypt’s Constitution and the document of the pioneering, peaceful revolution, which was started by Egypt’s promising youth, protected by the Armed Forces, championed by the patient Egyptians who gathered in Tahrir Square on 25 January 2011 to assert their rejection of all forms of injustice, oppression, tyranny, plunder and monopoly, to fully proclaim their rights to a decent life, to freedom, to social justice and human dignity — all rights granted by God before being prescribed in constitutions and...

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Egypt’s Morsi dismisses military leaders and takes back Presidential powers

In a dramatic turn of events in Egypt’s political turmoil, President Mohamed Morsi on Sunday dismissed the country’s two top military officers and negated an army decree that prevented him from taking on legislative powers herunterladen. Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who ruled Egypt on an interim basis after President Hosni Mubarak resigned in February of last year and who was kept on as defense minister by Morsi just this month, as well as General Sami Hafez Anan, chief of staff of the Egyptian armed forces who maintained close ties with the Americans while in office, were both forced into retirement by Egypt’s Islamist president spiel zoo tycoon kostenlos downloaden. A spokesman...

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