In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate



Quest for Success 2017

Source: YouTube The United Muslims of Australia (UMA) kindly invites the Muslim and broader communities to join them on a spiritual journey of seeking success in this life and the hereafter with the launch of their second Quest for Success Conference, to be held on Sunday May 7th 2017 at the well renowned Sydney Showground Olympic Park- Halls 3 & 4, from 9.30am-8pm. The Quest for Success Conference serves to inspire positive change through a friendly Islamic environment, showcasing halal entertainment, providing dawah, and most importantly uniting the community under the banner of Islam. Read more...

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When the beauty of creation convinces an atheist…

Source: Despite singing in the choir, Zahira from the UK, didn’t believe in God. But the more she looked at creation, the more it made sense that there had to be a creator. And when she discovered Islam, nothing could stop her. Be inspired by Zahira’s short interview and share it to inspire others.

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The faith to leave the haram

Source: Having lost faith in Roman Catholicism, David from the UK found himself drifting between doubt and disbelief. Islam revived his faith, but could he give up alcohol and pork? And how would his family and friends view him? Be inspired by David’s short interview and share it to inspire...

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