In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate



Would they both reject me?

Source: Discovering that a childhood friend was Muslim began David’s (from the UK) journey into Islam. But as the destination got closer, he worried whether the people around him would accept him as “the only white Muslim in the village”. Be inspired by David’s short interview and share it to inspire others.

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Would people view me negatively?

Source: YouTube When Julie from the UK discovered that her colleague was Muslim, she set out to save her. But her attempt at convincing her friend about Christianity led to herself becoming convinced about Islam. But if she embraced Islam, how would she deal with negative perceptions she expected others to have of...

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Would Islam affect my culture?

Source: Isa, originally from Colombia, was impressed by the knowledge of God that young Muslims had. And he liked how Islam encouraged questions, whilst his previous faith discouraged them. But could he make the changes Islam asked of him? And would Islam be compatible with his British / Colombian culture? Be inspired by Isa’s short interview and share it to inspire others.

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