In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

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VIDEO: What is the basis of kissing the Quran?

Source: YouTube Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf explains the basis of kissing the Quran.

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VIDEO: The Prophet (ﷺ) meets the Lord of all being: Isra’ and Mi’raj

Source: YouTube It is generally believed that the great event of Mi’raj – ascension of the Holy Prophet (ﷺ) to the heavens – took place in the night of 27th of Rajab. In this presentation Mufti Abdur-Rahman bin Yusuf addresses this spectacular event. This talk was organised by Friends of al-Aqsa.

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What to do on Friday

Source: ZamZamAcademy “Whoever performs the ghusal on Friday, purifies himself as much as he can, then uses his (hair) oil or perfumes himself with the scent of his house, then proceeds (for the Jumua prayer) and does not…” Mufti Abdur Rahman bin Yusuf comments on a hadith of the Prophet (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) concerning what to do on Jumu’ah.

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