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The higher objectives of the Sharia

By: Mateen A. Khan (translator) Source: Translators comment: Maqāsid al-Sharī‘ah refers to the set of objectives and goals which the Sharī‘ah strives to establish. For example, the preservation of faith, life, lineage, intellect and property are essential objectives of the Sharī‘ah as propagated by Imam al-Ghazālī. These objectives establish benefits (al-masālih) and remove harms (al-mafāsid) for the individual and community. However, we find that some misconstrue their place and derive rulings from the objectives while going against the primary textual evidences i.e. the Qur’an and Sunnah. For clarification, we turn towards a translated chapter from Usūl al-Iftā’[1] by Mufti...

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Ağa Camii on Istiklal Caddesi in central Istanbul. The women's section overlooks the main floor of the mosque; the men's section.

My journey to Islam, and call to the truth

  By: Carolyn Erazo Source: Muslimvillage I’ll start by saying that I am the epitome of an all American girl. I was raised within a Christian family and it’s Christianity I was taught. I can clearly remember my years growing up wishing I wasn’t forced to go to church. I would attempt to purposely lose my Sunday shoes just hoping to be able to stay home. Ultimately shoes or not I had to go and I was never happy about it. I think back to my thoughts as I sat in Sunday school..and how I never quite believed what I was being taught. So many inconsistencies left me with no desire to find out what faith really was. How can you believe the unknown? Did things really happen...

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israeli jet

Diplomacy for humanity

Diplomacy in its essence is the art of communicating effectively with a target audience in mind. It employs language, images, symbols and various other artifacts to mobilize public opinion. Briefly, it is to create persuasion through a range of modes and methods letting individuals think or act in ways very different from what they would otherwise. In ancient time, the influence of it was confined as the means to sustain its longevity and durability to the larger audience was, technically speaking, limited. However, in the light of the 21st century and all the advances that have been made, diplomacy has grown to become a tool…a power that affects decision making process of the...

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