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The West’s invasion of Afghanistan, arrogance, and the migrant crisis

By: Robert Fisk Source: The Independent As usual, all the warnings were there. Three Anglo-Afghan wars. Russia’s Vietnam. The Graveyard of Empires. Poppy capital of the world. The most bombed, crushed, corrupted, mined nation on the globe. So off we set in our righteous war of revenge for the Twin Towers and the dead of 9/11 to bomb Afghanistan all over again and – a new twist, this – to bring “democracy” to the land though which Alexander the Great passed en route to India herunterladen. Osama bin Laden was our latest Hitler, although his protective screen of Salafist obscurantist Taliban legions could hardly be compared to the Wehrmacht. Bin Laden was a Saudi – so were 15 of the 19...

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Rabbi Maller: How fasting connects Islam and Judaism

By: Rabbi Allen S. Maller ( Source: MuslimVillage Although the Quran tells Muslims that they, like the Jews and Christians before them, are required to fast: “Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may (learn) self-restraint,” (Qur’an 2:183); in most Christian countries today, the only people who engage in community wide religious fasting are Jews and Muslims. Most people in western countries, even religious people, have largely forgotten the spiritual value of fasting for self restraint that is so important in the Jewish and Muslim tradition herunterladen. That self restraint is realized...

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Media again highlights the double standards when it comes to Muslims

June 4 2011 I took my young family (wife + 3 kids under 9) to downtown Sydney last Saturday night to see the spectacular light show Vivid Sydney that is currently on till June 13 (it is pretty amazing) dxtbmp kostenlos downloaden. I hadn’t been down to the city on a Saturday night for years. As we drove through the city on a cold winters night to get down to the Rocks area under the Sydney Harbour Bridge to view the Opera House, my wife and I were astounded by the manner in which many of the young ladies out on the night were dressed, or more appropriately undressed netflix kan nieten. I said to my wife is the latest fashion to be trashy. A few days later I came across this article...

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