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Media again highlights the double standards when it comes to Muslims

June 4 2011 I took my young family (wife + 3 kids under 9) to downtown Sydney last Saturday night to see the spectacular light show Vivid Sydney that is currently on till June 13 (it is pretty amazing). I hadn’t been down to the city on a Saturday night for years. As we drove through the city on a cold winters night to get down to the Rocks area under the Sydney Harbour Bridge to view the Opera House, my wife and I were astounded by the manner in which many of the young ladies out on the night were dressed, or more appropriately undressed. I said to my wife is the latest fashion to be trashy. A few days later I came across this article and the thought came to me that if some of the...

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Has the Muslim world woken from it’s coma?

Jan 31 2011 “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” – John F Kennedy The events of the last few days and months are shaking the world and changing social and political landscapes that have been in place for decades. I suspect that the West, specifically the US and Europe, is starting to re-think it’s previous policies vis-a vis the Middle East and Muslim world. This has occurred not out of choice, but due to realities that have now changed forever. My guess is that they basically can also no longer financially afford to engage their armies and proxies in direct/indirect warfare that could potentially take in a region...

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How Australian Muslims can make their vote count

  Lead 1. to go before or with to show the way 2. to conduct by holding and guiding   3. to influence or induce  4. to guide in direction, course, action, opinion, etc. Definition of “Lead”  – As an Australian and a Muslim voting in today’s election,  just like a growing number of other Australians, one feels no sense of inspiration to support any of the two major parties in Labor and Liberal. What happened to the concept of political leaders being exactly that….leaders! Leaders are supposed to ally the fears, harness the dreams and aspirations, and courageously lead the people on a path of enlightenment to the betterment of  their society....

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