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In Havana, Mohammed Dawud, 28, a Cuban convert, stands in front of a mural of Che Guevara [Carlo Bevilacqua/Parallelozero]

The Muslims of Cuba

By: Sylvia Hines Source: Al Jazeera Santa Clara, Cuba – “Documents printed” reads a handwritten sign hanging outside the first floor of a house on the outskirts of Santa Clara, a university town in central Cuba. Hassan Jan, 43, runs his makeshift printing shop from the front room of his home – part of a once-airy villa, now divided into four small dwellings, and surrounded by Soviet-style apartment blocks. In the front room, which is separated from the rest of his house by a curtain, is a sofa, two chairs, a fish tank with goldfish and Hassan’s slow, noisy printer. Louvred windows do little to keep out the heat. This kind of home-run micro-business has become...

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Italy’s “anti-mosque” laws encourage “garage Islam”

By: Ludovica Laccino Source: International Business Times Earlier in September, Italy’s northern region of Liguria passed a controversial set of regulations that restrict the freedom to construct new religious buildings in its territory. The laws do not specifically limit the building of mosques, but opponents have claimed the new piece of legislation unfairly targets Muslims living in the peninsula. Critics of the so-called “anti-mosque” laws argued the regulations are only the latest blow to the 1.6 million-strong Islamic community in Italy. Although Islam is the second biggest religion in the country, it does not have official status and there are only four official...

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Image source: AFP

Indonesia’s “Sharia province” praised by rights groups for maternity laws

By: Source: BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AFP) – Indonesia’s Aceh province, which has gained international infamy for its strict Islamic laws, won rare praise from rights activists Thursday (Sept 29) for introducing the country’s most generous maternity leave policy. The decision to give female civil servants six months’ maternity leave, double the typical amount elsewhere in the country, is an unusual move in a province routinely criticised for breaching women’s rights. However it has sparked a row with the central government in Jakarta, which says it runs counter to national law that stipulates three months maternity leave. Andreas...

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