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US: Church of Latter Day Saints offers space to Muslims after mosque arson attack

By: Kate Scanlon Source: The Blaze After an arsonist damaged a mosque in Bellevue, Washington, the local Muslim community was in need of a new place to pray — so their Mormon neighbors offered them one. According to KOMO-TV, an arsonist set fire to the Islamic Center of the Eastside on Jan. 14. Police arrested a suspect at the scene. Unable to use their mosque, the Muslim community gathered to pray at a local community center, but they were in need of a more permanent space until they were able to repair the damage. So their neighbors, the Bellevue Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, stepped up to help. The Mormon community offered a large room to their Muslim...

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Nikah: a partnership of goodness and self-improvement

By: Uswatul Muslimah Source: Uswatul Muslimah There are many different partnerships in this world, and each has its own purpose. The purpose of a business partnership is to make money, while the purpose of a political partnership is to gain dominance, power and rulership. Similarly, nikaah is a life-long partnership which has multiple objectives. If raising the Muslims of tomorrow and gaining financial and social security are considered as objectives, then one of the primary objectives of nikaah, without a doubt, is definitely that of the imaan and Deen of the spouses to become complete and remain protected. Hence, a marriage in which each passing day finds the religious condition of the...

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ASEAN countries need to address the plight of the Rohingya

By: Ahmad Rizky M. Umar, Universitas Gadjah Mada Source: The Conversation ASEAN’s non-intervention is aggravating the plight of ethnic Rohingya Muslims suffering widespread abuse by the Burmese military in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. The Rohingya are one the of the world’s most persecuted ethnic minorities. Human Rights Watch reported the Burmese military launched a campaign of killings, rape and arson against ethnic Rohingya following attacks by militants against government border guards in Rakhine State on October 9, 2016. HRW reported in December that, since the day of the attack, at least 1,500 homes have been burned in retaliation, displacing thousands of Rohingya people. The United...

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