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Greece: Athens to get its first mosque since Ottoman expulsion

By: Karolina Tagaris Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage ATHENS (Reuters) – Athens’s half a million Muslims are set to get their first official mosque in more than a century. The city has not had a formal mosque since it drove out occupying Ottomans in 1833, and Deputy Foreign Minister Ioannis Amanantidis told parliament last year that it was the only European capital “to be deprived of such a religious space”. For years Muslims have resorted to praying in hundreds of makeshift sites, in crowded basements or dark warehouses targeted by racist attackers. In May, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared building a mosque long overdue. The government, he said, would push...

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Are Europeans more anti-Muslim than Americans?

By: John Lloyd Source: Saudi Gazette A POLL on European attitudes toward immigration, Islam and terrorism, partly disclosed this week, found that a majority of Europeans don’t want any more Muslim immigration. That is, they appear willing to support the ban which US President Donald Trump is seeking to impose in the United States, presently being challenged by the courts. The poll, still not complete, surveyed 10,000 people in ten European states, and was conducted by Chatham House, the semi-official foreign affairs institute in Britain. Responses to the most controversial issue, on Muslim immigration, were released in summary form before the bulk of the survey. It was designed to show the...

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Hijabi designer hopes to make a big positive impact

By: AFP Source: Yahoo News Raised in Ohio by a Korean mother and a Palestinian father, Sarah Musa shocked her parents when she decided to wear the headscarf at age 17. Today, the 33-year-old Musa works in New York as a ready-to-wear designer but dreams of creating her own label — modest-looking fashion that will be worn by customers regardless of whether or not they are religious. Ten years into her career, she has worked for Ralph Lauren, Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera and now Club Monaco, where she is a senior technical designer. “I’m making beautiful clothes and women can choose how they wear it,” the elegant young woman told AFP in an interview. “I would...

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