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Can a heart and mind that is against Islam be unlocked?

Source: Mohammed from the Philippines used to be a Christian. Friends talked to him about Islam, but his mind and heart were locked. However, after reading books about Islam something within him opened. He eventually converted to Islam when he was 33 years old and left the crazy lifestyle he had led. Watch on to learn more about Mohammed’s conversion to...

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I wasn’t ready to wear the hijab

Source: How are Muslims different when it comes to knowledge of their Holy Book? Ameena from Belarus used to be a Christian. But after meeting a Muslim from Tajikistan who had an in depth knowledge of the Quran, she began to question why Christians didn’t know the Bible in the same way. She eventually converted to Islam when she was 23 years old and found peace in her life. Watch on to learn more about Ameena’s conversion to...

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I went to church every day

Source: Do you think about converting to Islam, but have obstacles that hold you back? Mansour, a convert to Islam from the Philippines, was once in the same position and we hope that hearing from a convert to Islam inspires you to push forward in your conversion to Islam. Subscribe to our channel to get more videos like this and let us know if you need help overcoming any obstacles that keep you from converting to...

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