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VIDEO: Fight Iblis-ism in Ramadan!

Source: YouTube Tribalism is Iblis-ism (Iblis = Satan/Lucifer). Tribalism is Iblis’s system. It’s thinking you’re better than somebody because of your lineage, because of your color, because of your religion, and beware of religious tribalism to think you’re better than the…

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VIDEO: Backbiting used to require another person’s presence

Source: YouTube Shaykh Hamza Yusuf reflects on how modern tools have made disobedience to Allah easy and how gratitude and valuing time are required to deal with our present condition.

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VIDEO: Finding Allah through fasting

Source: YouTube In this video, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah reminds us of the ultimate purpose of fasting Ramadan: to find Allah Most High. He highlights the many means to attaining consciousness of God in the month of Ramadan, including leaving sin, vice, and everything that busies away from Allah. Amongst these, he puts particular emphasis on fulfilling the obligations due upon us, the most important of which are the five daily prayers. Watch this video to learn how to prioritize your time this Ramadan so that you find Allah in all you do. Support the SeekersHub #SpreadLight campaign ( This campaign will enable SeekersHub to double its operating...

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