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Members of the Shi'ite Badr Organisation undergo training before the upcoming battle to recapture Mosul in Diyala province, Iraq September 27, 2016. Picture taken September 27, 2016. REUTERS/Stringer

More US troops headed for Mosul front

By: Stephen Kalin and Yeganeh Torbati Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage BAGHDAD/ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (Reuters) – The United States will send around 600 new troops to Iraq to assist local forces in the battle to retake Mosul from Islamic State that is expected later this year, U.S. and Iraqi officials said on Wednesday. The new deployment is the third such boost in U.S. troop levels in Iraq since April, underscoring the difficulties President Barack Obama has had in extracting the U.S. military from the country. “American President Barack Obama was consulted on a request from the Iraqi government for a final increase in the number of trainers and advisers under the umbrella of the...

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Syrian troops take Aleppo neighborhood

By: VOA News Source: VOA News Syrian troops have seized a central neighborhood in the northern city of Aleppo from rebel forces, according to reports on state television and the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group. After capturing the neighborhood of Farafra, government forces continued to engage rebel troops in the same area near the famous citadel in Aleppo. A rebel official from an Aleppo-based faction said Syrian and Russian warplanes and artillery pounded a number of areas in and around the city as ground forces gathered to reinforce the strikes. The capture of Farafra follows other sieges by government forces in recent weeks in eastern rebel-held...

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Bussiness and financial district of Levent, which comprises leading Turkish companies' headquarters and popular shopping malls, is seen from the Sapphire Tower in Istanbul, Turkey May 3, 2016. REUTERS/Murad Sezer/File Photo

A robust Turkey questions “junk” rating downgrade

By: Asli Kandemir and Nevzat Devranoglu Source: Reuters via MuslimVillage ISTANBUL/ANKARA (Reuters) – On the first trading day after Moody’s downgraded Turkey’s sovereign rating to “junk”, the reaction in Istanbul and Ankara was swift and predictable — stocks and the lira took a beating and policymakers accused the agency of playing politics. But the market fall-out was relatively short-lived, and less than some had feared. By afternoon the lira recovered much of its losses and investors paid more than expected in three bond auctions, showing strong demand for the very debt Moody’s now classifies as sub-investment grade. Yet again, Turkey’s...

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