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Diplomacy for humanity

Diplomacy in its essence is the art of communicating effectively with a target audience in mind. It employs language, images, symbols and various other artifacts to mobilize public opinion. Briefly, it is to create persuasion through a range of modes and methods letting individuals think or act in ways very different from what they would otherwise. In ancient time, the influence of it was confined as the means to sustain its longevity and durability to the larger audience was, technically speaking, limited. However, in the light of the 21st century and all the advances that have been made, diplomacy has grown to become a tool…a power that affects decision making process of the...

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Fear Inc. exposes the recession-proof Islamophobia industry

The global economy may be suffering but the Islamophobia industry proves to be resilient in weathering the recession. Fear Inc. lays bare the funding, and the spider web that connects the prime players. A six-month research project by the prominent think tank, Center for American Progress has resulted in a 130-page report appropriately named Fear Inc.: The Roots Of the Islamophobia Network In America. This is the first in-depth investigation into Islamophobia, and it sheds lights on how a small group of bigots linked to conservative and Zionist causes each play a role in the seemingly lucrative industry of Muslim hatred and bashing Islam. Seven foundations donated £42 million over 10...

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Australians are an “amazing” race

  June 27 2011 For the first time in my life I’ve wished reality could represent reality TV. After almost a fortnight, my friend Mos (Mostafa) and I were eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia. Our appearance on the show was a milestone. It was the first time that two Muslim guys had a substantial presence on a commercial TV show without being the rapist, terrorist or the token beloved Muslim role model. Until I went on The Amazing Race, I had always imagined Australia to be a pretty divided place – especially when it came to race relations and, more specifically, Muslims. I’d heard on the news how “multiculturalism had failed”, witnessed the Cronulla...

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