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Eating halal and healthy

By: Altaf Wafaqani Source: Sound Vision You’ve heard it before and you’ll continue to hear it: Islam is a complete way of life. It covers all aspects of living, ranging from standard faith practices like prayer and charity, to the mundane like dress, social etiquette, and food. Food. Something we consider a personal choice, as well as one that affects our health so directly. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, once said: “No human ever filled a vessel worse than the stomach. Sufficient for any son of Adam are some morsels to keep his back straight. But if it must be, then one-third for his food, one-third for his drink, and one-third for his breath” (Ahmad,...

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Irhal: an app for Muslim travelers

By: Layan Damanhouri Source: Saudi Gazette Finding a halal restaurant or a place to pray while traveling in a foreign country is not always easy, which led entrepreneur Irfan Ahmad to create a travel app for Muslim travelers. “During my travels, I wanted to know where I could find halal food. That was a big challenge for me,” Ahmad said in an interview with Saudi Gazette. “This project is not just about making profit but providing needed information to Muslims.” Irhal is an app that offers city guides for 90 cities and is used by over 1.5 million people each year. Not only does it feature tourist attractions and travelers’ needs, it also features reviews of halal restaurants, mosque...

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Muslim tourists bring billions to the US

  By: Irfan Ahmad, CEO, Source: Wealth Monitor If the United States is on a Muslim’s bucket list should he visit the US before the inaugural of President Donald J Trump on  January 20 2017? Media reports and the proclivities of key cabinet members seem to suggest that Muslims may not be able to visit the US any more. But is this another media frenzy being pushed by the talking heads who said that Trump did not have a chance to win? Let us look at the ground realities. Last year 1.3 million visitors from the Middle East went to the United States and spent north of $8.5 billion. That roughly translates to $6,700 per visitor. In contrast, European tourists spent $3,600 per...

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