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Taiwan: Asia’s ‘hidden gem’ embraces Islamic tourism

By: John Thomas Source: Arabian Gazette Taiwan is a beautiful island country layered with the heritage of Taiwanese aboriginals, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese in a beautiful cultural amalgam of sorts. Endowed with magnificent peaks, green rolling hills, plains, basins, coastlines, lush forests and national parks, it is also a nature lover’s paradise. At the backdrop of the Arabian Travel Market, the Arabian Gazette team caught up with Dr. Trust H.J. Lin, Director of Taiwan Visitors Association, who was here in the UAE to promote his country in the Middle East region.  Here are the excerpts of the interview. Why do you think Taiwan is a preferred destination for international travelers? I...

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Japanese logistics giant launches halal food services

By: MuslimVillage Source: MuslimVillage (based on reporting by Nikkei Asian Review) Japanese logistics giant Nippon Express is entering the emerging Asian Islamic market by providing a halal food logistics service in anticipation of greater demand in Japan and elsewhere in Asia. The logistics company has acquired halal certification for its distribution centers in Tokyo and Fukuoka. It now plans to transport food and other products in a manner that is fully compliant with the Sharia. The company also plans to link its new services to current halal-certified facilities in Malaysia and then even further afield. Nippon Express expects increased demand for halal-compliant services with the...

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Speedo launches ‘burkini’ beachwear for Muslim women

By: Melissa Yeo, Parramatta Advertiser Source: Daily Telegraph (Australia) IF YOU’VE ever gone swimsuit shopping and struggled to find the right fit — save a thought for Anisa Buckley. A keen squad swimmer as a young teen, she was turned away from the sport when she couldn’t find the right swimwear. “Once I hit 14 I had to start making do with swimming clothes,” she said. “I would wear light weight long pants and long sleeve cotton shirts because there was nothing readily available. “A lot of pools had policies about wearing clothes at the time so it made it hard for people who wanted to train and wear modest clothes.” In recent years she has rekindled her love for swimming with a group of...

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