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Menstruation and worship in Ramadan

By: Ayesha Ismail Source: Cii Radio via Every month women go through a menstrual cycle. Life carries on as normal however, ibadah defers. A woman in her menses (haidh) is exempt from salaah during her cycle and during Ramadan she is exempt from fasting. So we are fine with our menses in our normal daily life, but what happens in Ramadan when we want to gain maximum out of the blessed month? When our spirituality is at its peak? The Prophet (peace be upon him) said about menstruation, “Verily this is a matter Allah has written upon the girls of Prophet Adam (Allah bless him)…” [Bukhari] Islam sees menstruation as a natural bodily process and does not consider it a hindrance or...

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7 simple tips to get the most out of Ramadan

By: Deenspiration Source: Deenspiration In the Blessed Month of Ramadan, our hearts cry with joy and our souls warm with pleasure thanks to the opportunity that we are given to become closer to our Lord. The Shayateen (devils) are chained up, the Gates of Heaven and opened while the Gates of Hell are closed, and the rewards for performing every good deed are multiplied many fold. Although many of us are familiar with the fact that performing extra prayers and reciting more Qur’an are particularly rewarding (as well as fasting, of course!) during Ramadan, we often forget the small opportunities that we’re presented with every single day to attain even more rewards with very little effort....

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9 tips on keeping family bonds in Ramadan

  By: Abu Productive Source: ProductiveMuslim Never has a religion emphasized the importance of maintaining the ties of kinship and building strong bonds with one’s relatives/family than the religion of Islam. With verses revealed on this topic, and many ahadith narrated about this virtue, it is ironic to see Muslims today far from this practice and not upholding their ties of kinship. With the breakdown of the traditional ‘big’ family structures and mass migration of Muslims from villages to cities and various countries, we’ve lost touch with our relatives and our kin and unfortunately, by default, we’ve cut our ties of kinship. Ask yourself, how many of your parents’ brothers and...

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