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Two small phrases

By: Anonymous Author Source: MuslimVillage He had never prayed two rak`ah (units of prayer) in his adult life.  Born and raised in Egypt, he had continuously heard the adhan (call to prayer) and the iqama (second call to prayer) rolling through the streets, calling the believers to prayer, but he had never voluntarily accepted the call. This included refusing to pray at the Masjid (mosque) on the first floor of the apartment building in which he lived; He passed by it day and night, on his way to work, on his way to spend hours at the local Hookah Café with his friends, and on his way home to his wife and children, only to start the routine of neglecting his prayers again the following...

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Duas and etiquette of going to bed

By: Jamiatul Ulama Source: Jamiatul Ulama The following are some of the etiquette and duas from the Sunnah associated with going to bed: Be in a state of purity: “If you come to your bed, then perform Wudoo’.” [Bukhari] Sleep on our right side: “…. Then lie down on your right side.” [Bukhari] Place the right hand under the right cheek: “When he (Allah bless him and grant him peace) went to sleep, he placed his right hand under his right cheek.” [Bukhari] Dust the bed: “When one of you goes to bed, let him dust the bed because he does not know what comes into it before or after him.” [Bukhari] Recite Surat Al-Kāfirūn, from its benefits: “It frees the person from Shirk.” [Abu Dawud and...

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Do you always begin from the right in a gathering?

By: Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah, translation and editing by Qays Arthur Source: MuslimVillage Now some people wrongfully allege, without properly grasping the texts nor giving them their due, that the Sunnah is to begin with whomever is to the immediate right of the host based on the hadiths that mention the virtue of beginning on the right. Yet that only pertains to when those present are peers with respect to their traits, virtues, or age. In that case the host begins with whomever is to his right. Otherwise if one of the guests is distinguished from the others, by age for example, then one would begin with him by virtue of that noble trait. Imam Ibn Rushd (i.e. Muhammad bin Ahmad...

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