In The Name Of God The Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

All Ramadan


About the 6 days fasting of Shawwal

By: Muhammad bin Haroon Source: Al Miftah Now that Ramadan has departed, we all are encouraged to extend its spiritual momentum by observing the six fasts of Shawwal. The Prophet (ﷺ) famously said as per the hadith in Sahih Muslim: “Whoever observes the fast of Ramadan and follows it up with six fasts in Shawwal will be rewarded as if he has fasted the entire year.” Commentary The Commentators have explained that since every deed is multiplied ten times, by fasting in Ramadan we are actually rewarded for 300 days and not just the 30 in Ramadan. Therefore if we follow that up with six more we will be rewarded for sixty thereby attaining the reward of fasting for 360 days. An Interesting...

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Keeping the lessons and taqwa of Ramadan

By: Shahnaaz Bemath Source: E-Islam We enrolled 30 days in a course called Ramadan to reach “Taqwah”(Fear of Allah Most High). It was a time of renewal and re-establishment of our commitment to our Beloved Allah Most High and HIS beautiful Deen-ul-Islam. Al-Hamdulillah! Many have graduated with flying colours – embracing them with positive Deeni (Islamic) changes. Now is a crucial time to put it into practice! We fasted, gave charity, read the Qur’an Kareem and performed the Qiyamul Layl (Tahajjud) especially the last ten, standing in prayer before Allah Most High. We avoided gossip, slander and every evil that would invalidate our fasting. But now that Ramadan has bid us farewell, many of...

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Giving life to the night before Eid

  By: Muwasala Source: Muwasala Allah says that He wants you to finish the prescribed period and to glorify Him for the fact that He has guided you, perhaps you shall be grateful (2:185). “Finishing the prescribed period” means completing the fast of Ramadan. One of the means of “glorifying Him” is in making takbir, which is an expression of our gratitude to Allah for His guidance and enabling grace (tawfiq). We should fill the night before Eid with takbir from Maghrib up until the Eid prayer in the morning. The takbir is not limited to a specific time or place but rather it should be made at all times in our houses and mosques and in the streets (without causing disturbance). We...

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