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Turkish forces begin Syria patrols as per Russia deal

By: RFE/RL Source: RFE/RL Turkish forces have begun patrolling in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib as part of a deal struck with Russia and Iran in the war-torn country. State-run Anadolu news agency on March 8 said the patrols range from Idlib’s north along the Turkish border to the southern countryside of Aleppo Province. Turkey’s defense minister, Hulusi Akar, said Turkey would patrol inside a 15-20 kilometer-wide demilitarized zone, while Russia would patrol the border area outside Idlib. Akar said the Russian patrols were also to begin on March 8, but it was not immediately known if they started as scheduled. He said the patrols represent “an important step...

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Bye boyfriend, hi husband!

By: A Muslim Sister Source: MuslimVillage Most of the time, when I talk about this topic, the responses I get are: “But I love him so much!” “I can’t live without him!” “We are struggling to make it halal.” “I can’t find anyone better than him.” And the list goes on. You may feel nobody feels for you or nobody gets you. We do! However, what is haram, remains haram! —- I know it is difficult to say goodbye to the person that you love the most. And I know deep – DEEP inside you the guilty conscious is killing you, knowing you’re disobeying Allah, yet you’re not strong enough to let him go....

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India blames Pakistan for Kashmir militant attack

By: RFE/RL Source: RFE/RL India has demanded that Pakistan crack down on terror groups operating from its territory after a deadly suicide bombing claimed by a Pakistan-based Islamist group killed 44 Indian paramilitary police in Kashmir. Hours after the February 14 attack, the Indian Foreign Ministry called on Islamabad to “stop supporting terrorists and terror groups” who use Pakistan as a base and “dismantle the infrastructure operated by terrorist outfits to launch attacks in other countries.” The Kashmir bombing, claimed the Pakistan-based Islamist militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), was the deadliest attack in decades on security forces in the disputed region. The Indian...

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