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An eternal gift: the Islamic institution of waqf in Tunisia

By: Ayed Nabaa Source: Al Jazeera Giving to charity is a central tenet of Islam. One form of giving is Waqf, a tradition of permanently endowing property dating back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In Tunisia, Waqf has had a long and, at times, controversial history. “Waqf property can’t be sold, bought, donated or inherited. Its benefits, specified by the donor, go to particular individuals or a certain category of people,” explains Dr Noureddine el Khademi, the Tunisian religious affairs minister from 2011 to 2014. Waqf beneficiaries can be private individuals – like the donors’ descendants – or the public. Public Wafq endowments which...

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Dec21 and the strength of halal tourism

By: Alicia Buller Source: The National Elnur Seyidli is a man who is teeming with ambition. At the age of 39, he has already lived and worked in six countries and chaired ­several businesses across the globe. But perhaps the biggest feather to his bow is yet to come. As the chairman and co-founder of ­, he says all bets are on his latest brainchild being a billion-dollar business in just five years’ time. Coining his company as the “halal version of”, he is confident that a confluence of global mega trends will drive the growth of his London-based travel booking start-up. “If you’re a Muslim from Malaysia and you’re travelling to Peru, we...

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Irhal: an app for Muslim travelers

By: Layan Damanhouri Source: Saudi Gazette Finding a halal restaurant or a place to pray while traveling in a foreign country is not always easy, which led entrepreneur Irfan Ahmad to create a travel app for Muslim travelers. “During my travels, I wanted to know where I could find halal food. That was a big challenge for me,” Ahmad said in an interview with Saudi Gazette. “This project is not just about making profit but providing needed information to Muslims.” Irhal is an app that offers city guides for 90 cities and is used by over 1.5 million people each year. Not only does it feature tourist attractions and travelers’ needs, it also features reviews of halal restaurants, mosque...

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