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“Modest wear” said to be booming in Asia and beyond

By: Max Walden Source: Asian Correspondent JIMMY CHOO may be Malaysia’s most famous fashion export, but he may soon be dethroned by a new wave of Muslim millennials. This month’s Asia Islamic Fashion Week (AIFW) 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, showcased local “modest wear” designers from the host country, neighbouring Muslim-majority Southeast Asian nations of Indonesia and Brunei, and across the globe. Organisers adopted the theme of “Establishing Asia as a Global Centre for Islamic Fashion” – fitting, given in the demographically young, rapidly growing economies of the Asia-Pacific region, one in four people is Muslim. Modest wear in the spotlight Modest wear has emerged as a buzz-term...

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Why the clothing industry is embracing Islamic fashion

By: Irina Ivanova Source: CBS News In the modern-day culture wars over Islam’s place in America, fashion has become a flashpoint. Should Muslim women in the U.S. publicly show their faith with garments, from hijabs to burkinis? If the marketplace is any indication, that debate has been settled: Muslim fashion is here to stay. The mass-market retailer Uniqlo last weekend rolled out its fourth collection done in collaboration with Anglo-Japanese designer and practicing Muslim Hana Tajima. The Tajima collection for spring and summer features headscarves, tunics and flowing pants in prints and solid colors. After debuting in Southeast Asia in 2015, it came to Uniqlo stores in New York, Chicago...

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South Africa: Cape Town seeks to become Halal tourism destination

By: Biz Community Source: Biz Community Wesgro, South Africa has partnered with dnata World Travel to promote Cape Town or the Cape throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states which will see dnata conduct marketing and sales activities and actions on the Cape’s behalf in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), for the next year. The State of the Global Islamic Economy 2014-2015 report estimated that 117 million Muslim tourists travelled during 2015 (close to 10% of the total travel population), with the number estimated to grow to 168 million by 2020, with travel expenditure expected to reach $200 billion. Of the six aforementioned GCC...

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