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Young entrepreneurs outpace big brands in responding to Muslim markets

By: Tiffany Fumiko Tay Source: The Straits Times The lack of female-only salons for Muslim women who wear headscarves prompted Ms Nurashikin Jasni to open her own in 2014. But the former TV personality, who goes by the name of Nura J, is quick to dispel the notion that “us hijab-wearing ladies are conservative and our needs are basic”. Her salon Pearlista caters to both function and fashion at its two outlets in Eunos and Clementi; “funky” hair colours, chic pixie cuts and shaved sides are some of the requests that customers have made. Ms Nura, 34, also developed a shampoo line to combat common issues that women who wear hijabs face, such as itchy scalp and...

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Malaysia: Halal industry vital to becoming a developed nation by 2020

By: Izham Shah Datuk Arif Shah Source: MalayMailOnline KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 — Malaysia is in the final round of its sprint to become a developed nation by 2020. As we are reaching that defining moment, there are more challenges that we will be facing which requires proactive measures by both the government and the private sector. The Malaysian government has developed and created policies and action plans towards achieving Vision 2020. The New Economic Model (NEM), Halal Industry Master Plan (HIMP) among others are examples of the blueprints and action plans launched by the Malaysian government in achieving the goal of becoming a developed nation. The halal industry is increasingly becoming...

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Report: Muslim women are main drivers in Halal industry

By: Chester Chin Source: Muslim women wear the pants when it comes to halal tourism. That’s one of the highlights from the Halal Travel 2016 report. The study, commissioned by travel technology company Amadeus, revealed that women play an influential role in the travel decision-making process and planning. They have a key role in destination choice. According to the findings, women make their decisions based on word of mouth and input from family and friends. “Women want activities to keep the whole family happy,” the report read. The report added that women have a high level of involvement when it comes to activity bookings and extra trip preparations. Input from the fairer sex...

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