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Meet “Waddah” the first baby boy born at Arafah in Hajj 2018

By: Saudi Gazette Source: Saudi Gazette Arafat — Waddah was the first baby boy to be born in Arafat on Monday to Jordanian parents. However, there is a story behind the name. The mother was in her late pregnancy when she was rushed to Jabal Al-Rahma general hospital in Arafat. She soon delivered a healthy baby. When the doctors informed the father, Haji Mohammed, that his wife had delivered a baby boy, he was overcome by happiness. He could not believe that while he was preforming Haj he would be blessed with a baby boy. The father asked about the name of the director of the hospital and was told that his name was Dr. Waddah. He immediately gave this name to his baby boy. The director, Dr....

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Hajj ‘nap pods’ being tested this Hajj

By: Faima Bakar Source: METRO The hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that Muslims around the world make every year has just started. Over two million followers of the Islamic faith will be gathering around the holy city, which has seen a 7% rise in visitor numbers this year compared to last year. In past years, there have been devastating stampedes as a result of overcrowding and structures collapsing. Now, Saudi’s cutting-edge logistics and expansion projects are working to help pilgrims have a smoother and safer experience. However, with such large numbers of visitors, hotel overcrowding – and this year’s weather and flood warnings – it can still be difficult for pilgrims to find a...

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How about prayer facilities on planes?

By: Haqqseeker Source: MuslimVillage Alhamdulillah, there are many airlines all over the world which are owned by Muslims. MashaAllah, they have ultra-modern facilities for our comfort and offer services par excellence! However, most of these world-class airlines are lagging behind in one thing: they do not have have in their planes any special facilities for offering Salah. Salah is the major form of worship that a Muslim offers five times a day regularly. It is an obligation upon every  Muslim and you have no excuse whatsoever when it comes to offering Salah, and that also includes the period when you are on a journey. When these airlines have large varieties of facilities for the...

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