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How about prayer facilities on planes?

By: Haqqseeker Source: MuslimVillage Alhamdulillah, there are many airlines all over the world which are owned by Muslims. MashaAllah, they have ultra-modern facilities for our comfort and offer services par excellence! However, most of these world-class airlines are lagging behind in one thing: they do not have have in their planes any special facilities for offering Salah. Salah is the major form of worship that a Muslim offers five times a day regularly. It is an obligation upon every  Muslim and you have no excuse whatsoever when it comes to offering Salah, and that also includes the period when you are on a journey. When these airlines have large varieties of facilities for the...

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Australia: Fourth Annual Aspiring Leaders Umrah Tour 2018 completed

By: Human Appeal Australia Source: MuslimVillage Human Appeal Australia (HAA) in conjunction with Deen Academy (DA) hosted a group of young Muslim Australians for its fourth annual Aspiring Leaders Umrah Tour of four countries – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and UAE. The tour, comprising fifteen participants from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and for the first time Perth, took place from 5 to 24 February 2018. The group of young university students and graduates were led and mentored by Bashar Al-Jamal, director of HAA and Dr Zac Matthews from DA. The journey started with the minor pilgrimage (umrah) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The spiritual enrichment gained from worshippers dressed in...

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WHO: Rising antibiotic resistance becoming a global threat

By: Lisa Schlein Source: VOA News GENEVA — New data from 22 high- and low-income countries show antibiotic resistance to a number of serious bacterial infections is growing at an alarming rate. The World Health Organization surveyed one-half million people with suspected bacterial infections between March 2016 and July 2017. The survey, the first of its kind, is vital in improving and understanding the extent of antimicrobial resistance in the world. World Health Organization Spokesman Christian Lindmeier, tells VOA the findings raise many red flags. “The data that these countries provided show us that in some of the most common bacteria, the most commonly reported resistant bacteria, we...

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