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Shirk (Idolatry): its reality and background

By: Shah Waliullah al-Dahlawi, translated by Zameelur Rahman Source: Shirk (idolatry) is to affirm the special attributes of Allah (Exalted is He) for [those] besides Him, like: (1) affirming absolute disposal (al-tasarruf al-mutlaq) in the cosmos (kawn) by an absolute will (al-iradah al-mutlaqah), which is expressed as “kun fayakun” (Be! And it is); (2) or affirming intrinsic knowledge (al-‘ilm al-dhati) which has not been obtained through acquisition (iktisab) by means of the senses, rational proof, dreams (manam), inspiration (ilham) and their likes from [both] material and spiritual means; (3) or affirming [the act of] existentialising (ijad) the healing of a sick person;...

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Got some free time? Consider these amazing destinations

By: Moulana Muhammad bin Haroon Source: Al-Miftah A man was on his way to a neighboring village when an angel suddenly appeared before him. “What takes you to this village?” enquired the angel. “To visit a brother whom I love for the sake of Allah.” was the sincere reply. The angel questioned further, “Do you have any other motive?” The man replied,”No.” upon which the angel exclaimed, “I am a messenger of Allah and I assure you that Allah loves you as you love your brother.” (Sahih Muslim, Hadith: 6495) At the same time, another angel is deputed to proclaim the following message to him: “You have done well, your foot steps have...

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How to treat elders according to the Sunnah

By: Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah (translation and editing by Qays Arthur) Source: MuslimVillage Know that seniors (those greater in age) have tremendous standing and rights. Therefore, if you walk beside an elder walk on his right side, slightly behind him. When you come to an entrance or exit, put him before you. When you encounter him give him is due by way of greeting with salam and showing respect. When you converse with him then let him get the first word and listen with attentiveness and awe. If during the conversation points of disagreement come up then discuss them with decorum, composure, and kindness. Lower your voice when you address him and do not forget to be gracious when...

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