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How to outsmart your smartphone

By: Haqqseeker Source: MuslimVillage We all know that the three most essential elements needed for human survival are: Air Water Food Right now, another element is rapidly gaining importance in the lives of humans and may soon become the fourth element essential for human survival. That element is the smartphone. Yes, the smartphone. The human survival seems to be getting virtually impossible without a smartphone. If you feel that the above statements are very harsh or too intense then consider this in a more lighter tone or in a more romanticized tone. The smartphone has acquired a very special place in your life. It has come very close to you. Closer than even your own spouse! Yes, this...

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How the tech industry uses psychology on children

By: Richard Freed Source: We called the police because she wrecked her room and hit her mom… all because we took her phone,” Kelly’s father explained. He said that when the police arrived that evening, Kelly was distraught and told an officer that she wanted to kill herself. So an ambulance was called, and the 15-year-old was strapped to a gurney, taken to a psychiatric hospital, and monitored for safety before being released. Days after being hospitalized, Kelly was brought to my office by her parents who wanted to get help for their troubled girl. Kelly’s parents spoke first. They said that their daughter’s hospitalization was the culmination of a yearlong downward spiral...

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Another social media analytics company leaks 48 million users’ data

By: Source: A private data search service scraped several social media sites for user information, then left that data sitting in a publicly accessible repository without a password. Some 48 million people’s personal data was leaked. LocalBlox, a data analytics company, describes on its website how it “automatically crawls, discovers, extracts, indexes, maps and augments data” from a variety of sources, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Zillow to build a “360 Degree people view,” that is then sold to marketers. While the comprehensive range of data is scraped from publicly accessible sources, LocalBlox left a 1.2 terabyte file containing the personal data of 48...

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