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India: Muslim scholar says do proper nikah or call a pandit

By: Siasat Daily Source: Siasat Daily Hyderabad: Maulana Syed Salman Nadvi, noted Islamic scholar expressed his anxiety concerning extravagant expenses in marriages. He stressed the need for performing marriage ceremonies in a simple way. He condemned those who spend crores of rupees in marriages. He advised the people of Hyderabad to display banners carrying the message, ‘Those who spend extravagantly are the brothers of Satan’ in front of function halls where such marriages are being celebrated. He asked the people to boycott such marriages. He also persuaded people to say categorically that they don’t want to attend such marriages. He asked them to say ‘If you want to perform marriage...

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Turkey’s modest fashion entrepreneurs

By: Dicle Eşiyok Source: Ahval A number of young conservative women in Turkey have turned their popularity on social media into business success in recent years, creating their own fashion lines and even working with multinational companies. Islamic fashion is a huge industry; there are more than 300,000 Turkish accounts on Instagram alone that provide advice and tips on wearing the hijab. Conservative women widely popular in social media have insisted that what they were promoting was not fashion, but what they called “measured attire”. “Hijab is not subject to fashion. Its principles, measures, and conditions are set and cannot be changed. We are interested in measured attires...

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Dealing with Islamophobia across Europe

By: Amina Easat-Daas Source: The Conversaion A growing body of research points to the proliferation of Islamophobia across Europe in recent years. In the UK, record numbers of Islamophobic hate crimes were recorded in 2017, and across the continent there have been similar findings on the growth of explicit Islamophobia. In a new, pan-European research project, my colleagues and I set about to devise a toolkit that can be used to counter Islamophobia. It summarises a range of the best methods and tools we saw being used to challenge Islamophobic thought and actions in Europe. In any discussion about Islamphobia, a definition is required that...

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