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The Iranian disinformation machine

By: Reuters Source: Reuters LONDON, WASHINGTON: Nile Net Online website promises Egyptians “true news” from its offices in the heart of Cairo’s Tahrir Square, “to expand the scope of freedom of expression in the Arab world.” Its views on America do not chime with those of Egypt’s state media, which celebrate Donald Trump’s warm relations with Cairo. In one recent article, Nile Net Online derided the American president as a “low-level theater actor” who “turned America into a laughing stock” after he attacked Iran in a speech at the UN. Until recently, Nile Net Online had more than 115,000 page-followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But its contact telephone numbers, including...

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Muslim children reading Quran / Source:

Developing faith and character in our kids

By: Shaykh Abdullah Kapodravi Source: On 7th April 2006, Shaykh Abdullah Kapodravi (db), a prominent scholar from India, made an impromptu speech before Salat  al-Jumu`ah Jumma Masjid, Batley, England. He highlighted the dangers facing Muslims in today’s turbulent times, pleading Muslim parents to focus on their responsibilities, and asking the audience to implement the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. The Shaykh is a prolific writer, orator and educationalist, who served as chancellor of Darul Uloom Tadkeshwar, India for 28 years. He has traveled extensively in the Islamic world and the West. He is aged 74, and currently resides in Canada. The speech...

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Human Appeal Australia provides drought relief to more Australian farmers

By: Human Appeal Australia Source: MuslimVillage On Saturday 18th of August Human Appeal Australia launched its “Farmers Drought Appeal” to help drought stricken Australian farmers. Human Appeal with the help of our generous community has been able to raise and allocate an amazing amount of $90,000 to help alleviate the hardships faced by farmers. On Tuesday 27th November the Human Appeal team including the Chairman: Mr Riyad Qasim and the City of Canterbury Bankstown Councillor Bilal El-Hayek, headed out to Cobar NSW and Warren Shire to supervise the aid distribution. With the help of Cobar Council (a sister Council to Canterbury Bankstown Council) the aid was distributed among farmers in...

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