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Are cryptocurrencies a solution to rising inequality?

By: Elizabeth Stephens Source: openDemocracy The year 2017 will go down as a particularly tough one for ordinary citizens, particularly in the global South. A sharp rise in government restrictions on fundamental freedoms across regions, as well as in levels of inequality, played a big part in that negative review. According to a recent Oxfam report, 1% of the world’s richest elites now own 82% of the world’s wealth, with a dollar billionaire having been created every two days in 2017. But we are witnessing people actively fighting back against a system that largely favours the super-rich at the expense of everyone else. According to the CIVICUS Monitor, an online tool that tracks threats...

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‘Blackness’ in North Africa and the Middle East

By: Laura Menin Source: OpenDemocracy Growing attention to the racial and colour-based discrimination that sub-Saharan Africans and African slave descendants face in the Maghreb and in the Middle East has opened up new spaces to debate the relationship between ‘racism’ and legacies of slavery in the two regions. While these debates are far from new in a context like Mauritania, where former slaves and slave descendants have struggled for decades against descent-based discrimination, in many other North African and Middle Eastern countries they have emerged only relatively recently. This is perhaps because, as the Moroccan historian Chouki El Hamel notes, a “culture of...

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The Malaysian studio dedicated to news about Rohingya Muslims

By: Radio Free Asia Source: Radio Free Asia In Ampang, a high-rent district in Kuala Lumpur, a studio and newsroom of a Rohingya-run operation churn out online broadcasts about dramatic developments in Myanmar’s Rakhine state for an audience of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and beyond. Because access for journalists to Rakhine, the home of the stateless ethnic group, is tightly controlled by Myanmar’s government, Rohingya Vision TV as it calls itself relies on a network of dozens of anonymous local stringers and sources to feed it information and images about the news there, said Muhammad Noor, the channel’s  managing director and co-founder. “We think that we can’t wait for...

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