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Eid Mubarak ludwig 3.0 kostenlosen! Alhamdulillah! Another month of hunger, thirst, prayers, and restraint for the sake of the love of Allah Most High has come to an end, and with Allah`s permission it departs us with it treasures in our scales and with hope in our hearts to see it come again herunterladen.

May Allah count us among those who fasted and prayer and worked, striving to improve themselves, in anticipation of His pleasure and reward, and may He increase us in love and good character as a result kantonswappen herunterladen!

May Allah Most High forgive and uplift each and every one of us in the Deen and the dunya so that we please Him and may He likewise lift the entire the Ummah, removing hardship and oppression wherever they manifest themselves podcast kostenlos herunterladen.

As usual, do remember the poor, needy, and oppressed in your prayers and charity this Eid and always think well of Allah die sims 4 mods downloaden.

Do read about Zakat/Sadaqa al Fitr.

Be optimistic for He Most High has assured us that even in hardship there is ease for those of iman (faith) winrar gratisen. May Allah grant us security, ease, and taqwa. Amin.

Eid Mubarak! Eid Mubarak! Eid Mubarak download and integrate the online cadre!